10 tips against cellulite

In our article we introduce 10 tricks of guaranteed effect against cellulite you can even start to apply immediately in order to get ready for the bikini season.


10 tips against cellulite

With the beginning of the bikini season everyone puts more emphasis on an aesthetic appearance. As shorts, skirts, pretty blouses and shirts finally turn up from the wardrobe. The appearance of fine materials and light clothes bring about popping out of greater skin surfaces, too. Unfortunately, this is also the time when cellulite gets into the spotlight. This annoying factor concerns a lot of women and men no matter they have slim or roundish bodies.

Its formation could be the result of several reasons. In case we are alive to these factors, then we can fight against cellulite more easily, but by taking a closer look at the picture: we can prevent its formation and we can also fight against the annoying stripes already present! This content gives useful advice especially for women.

In order for us to have better chances, let’s get to know our opponent a little bit closer!

Cellulite is subcutaneous fat deposition. The accumulated fat layer obstructs the blood and oxygen supply of the tissues under the skin, therefore the amount of waste products increases in the body, and the result is the so-called cellulite that mostly occurs on our thighs, as well as on the gluteal-, hip- and stomach areas of our body.


Reasons of cellulite formation

There are some factors we cannot fight against, like hereditary predisposition. However, there are several pillars of cellulite formation that surely: only depend on us. Let’s see what are these one after the other.

Pay attention to physical training, as a lifestyle lacking exercise can also be an influential factor of cellulite formation. Let’s avoid diets rich in calorie and fat. Drink a lot of liquid in order to make sure your body and skin are in a hydrated state. Try to drink less alcohol, say no to smoking, and make an effort to stress less in your daily life.

Alongside its other negative side effects, the following diseases can trigger the formation of cellulite: metabolism disorder, diabetes, becoming overweight, high blood pressure, static deviation of the spinal column, change in the arch of the foot and oestrogen deficiency. In case you experience any of these, take medical advice from a physician and/or from a dietitian, a trainer or from a physiotherapist as soon as possible!

Predisposition and heredity

In case the level of the production of a female sex hormone called oestrogen increases in the body (for example during pregnancy, and as a result of taking birth control pills or hormone-treated foods), it will store more fats.

The disfunction of the lymphatic system can also be in the background of cellulite. When our skin becomes less firm, lymphatic fluid circulates improperly in the lymphatic vessels, and as a result, metabolic waste products are prevented from being excreted, and therefore they become deposited in the fat cells. Therefore, the annoying dimples can develop more easily.



In our fast-paced world we do not always pay attention to what types of food we eat. Numerous factors can contribute to this, like lack of time, stress, harmful addictions (like that of alcohol or smoking), lack of knowledge or simply laziness.

Let it be admitted: sometimes when we do not have the time, or we do not feel like to prepare healthy meals for ourselves. This is the time when we order a pizza for dinner and pack cocoa swirls or sandwiches the following day. For lunch we would choose a substantial portion of pasta from the canteen, a little sugared soda as refreshment, and during work: “A lot of coffee for me!” In a pig’s eye!

A healthy diet is the foundation of life! In order to avoid cellulite and numerous other diseases, we should make sure to eat foods rich in proteins, carbohydrates and noble fats every day in the quantity and quality appropriate for our goals and to our body. Let’s eat vegetables and fruits every day in order to reach the required fibre ingestion.

Low liquid consumption

Low liquid consumption

In case we drink insufficient liquid, waste products are prevented from being excreted from our body in time. Skin loses its elasticity and cellulite instantly emerges. In order to avoid this, make sure to drink enough liquid every day! If we can optimally hydrate our body by the appropriate amount of liquid intake, it contributes to maintain the firmness of our skin on the long run.

Lack of exercise

We spend most of our time with work. For most of us it means work in the office. It would be important in terms of many other aspects as well to introduce physical training into our daily routine.

Sedentary work can be associated with the formation of cellulite, as in this case lymph and blood circulation of the lower body is inappropriate. This triggers the deposition of toxins, the growth of fat cells and the chance of cellulite formation.


Alongside its numerous other harmful effect, stress frequently results in metabolic disorders, according to which waste products can accumulate in our body. This, unfortunately, is visible on our skin, too. Naturally, reducing the stress present in our everyday life is by no means a simple thing to do, therefore we might strive to something about it. We can dissolve the tension by relaxation, meditation and a relaxing massage.

Bad habits

Bad habits

Self-destructive behaviours like smoking or alcohol consumption further increase the possibility of cellulite formation as well. We should consider detaining or quitting these.

Let’s drink green or black tea instead of coffee. In terms of alcohol — if we have to choose — we might decide to drink white or red dry wine. Our liquid consumption should include still mineral water or herbal tea, in an amount of about 3-4 litres per day.


We should quit smoking at all events! Harmful substances found in cigarettes have a very hurtful effect on our skin. They change the structure of our skin and ageing processes will start earlier. The skin becomes droopy and loses its firmness.

Tips against cellulite

1. Eat foods that firm up your skin! Foods that have a skin firming, detoxicating effect, and those that promote blood circulation help you to get rid of cellulite.

  • Apple: its pectin content helps the body to cleanse, one of its components, potassium has a diuretic effect, and C-vitamin keeps your skin healthy.

  • Banana: it has a cleansing and rejuvenating effect. It is rich in potassium, and it has a significant fibre content, too.

  • Strawberry: its antioxidants have a beneficial effect on your skin and lymphatic system.

  • Broccoli, celery: they stop the body’s water retention.

  • Chicken, turkey: their protein content contribute to collagen production, hereby they firm up the connective tissue.

  • Garlic: it promotes blood circulation, and it has a detoxicating effect.

  • Orange, grapefruit: C-vitamin firms up the connective tissues.

  • Cayenne-pepper, chilli: they enhance blood circulation.

2. Try surface treatments, use anti-cellulite creams! By increasing lymph circulation and blood supply, on the one hand, these substances help the waste products to be excreted from our body, and on the other, they contribute to the decomposition of fat cells. Mostly we can find caffeine, L-carnitine, and enzymes of plant origin in them. Many types include essential oils, marine algae, green tea or the extractions of fruits and herbs. We can enhance blood circulation by other means too, for example by massage, blood-letting, or using an infrared sauna, an infrared bicycle or a hypoxi trainer.

3. Avoid additives, flavour enhancers and fillers! Let’s read the product descriptions and the ingredients before consumption or even during shopping. Make sure to purchase carefully and consciously! Do our best to prepare as many meals as possible at home, and when cooking or baking, let’s use fresh spices, like: marjoram, oregano, pepper powder, or chilli. Those who have a sweet tooth should try vanilla flavour or cinnamon!

4. Eat foods rich in fibres! Eat vegetables and fruits every day!

5. Bathing in sea salt on the beach or in the bath-tub! Sea salt contains a high amount of trace elements and minerals that rev up metabolism. So let’s go on a holiday, and splash into the water as much as possible! We can trigger the same effect at home in our super bath-tub by bathing in water full of bath-salt.

6. Try a detoxicating program or a liquid fasting! In this case, you should drink 3-4 litres of liquid: mainly herbal teas (for example: made of birch leaves, dandelion, nettle, horsetail), mineral water and a lot of fresh fruit juice. Get prepared for fasting consciously! In case you have a question ask for the help of an expert at all events!
7. Contrast shower! At the end of the daily cleansing use cold-warm showers around the areas of your skin affected by cellulite. This — sometimes a little bit unpleasant but very efficient activity — enhances blood circulation and strengthens the connective tissues. Massaging the affected surface can also help a lot. During the massage we should use massage or friction gloves, or the anti-cellulite massage gloves recommended especially for this purpose.
8. Regular exercise — the grateful bodyguard! Doing exercise is a particularly efficient remedy for cellulite, but only in case we do it regularly. Ideally, this means at least three times a week. Running, riding the bicycle, doing aerobics, aqua fitness, spinning, zumba, Hot Iron or TRX — everything helps that works our complete body pretty hard! In order to become familiar with the most efficient exercises, the best is to ask for the help of a personal trainer.
9. Hello, sauna séance! The humidity and temperature present in the sauna as well as the cold shower taken shake up blood circulation and intensify perspiration in our body. These processes rev up metabolic processes and contribute to detoxication. As a result, skin becomes firmer and smoother. If we regularly go to a sauna we can count on cellulite alleviation.

10. Essential oils against cellulite! Those oils may help, that enhance blood and lymph circulation and detoxication. These oils include that of: cinnamon, lemon, grapefruit, juniper tree, sweet fennel, rose, or juniper.

Tips against cellulite

Thousands of women panic as summer approaches or in any situation when they have to throw off their clothes. We keep covering ourselves, we wear long shirt-dresses while tension is building up inside. Let’s not wait anymore, start the fight against cellulite today! Pay attention to avoid the factors most responsible for its formation: stress, malnutrition, and a lifestyle lacking exercise! Quit smoking and avoid exaggerated coffee and alcohol consumption!

In case we would like to put a definitive end to cellulite, we should know: there is — unfortunately — no one time, last time solution. Not even the result of professional cosmetic treatments last forever. But good news is that if we know what we can do against it, and we are very careful, with the help of some sharp practices we can successfully diminish the dimples spoiling our skin.

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