The recipe of a successful diet

Prepare a diet and a plan adjusted to your needs, habits and your goals.


1. Determination

The typical January motion. We decide to really change something, but now this time truly. That we will stick to the very end.

2. Planning

This part already poses some challenges. You will need some information for this.

Prepare a diet and a plan adjusted to your needs, habits and your goals.

You have to adjust to the new system, start drinking enough liquids and combine it with the right supplements. And of course you will need to exercise, which will call for some planning as well...

We have already written about dietary supplements that can help in weight control. In this article you can read more about these supplements so you could make your goals a reality!

- Controlling your appetite is very important. You should not eliminate, only regulate it, because a consistent appetite will yield faster results and your digestive or nervous system will not be harmed, either. We must minimise fat storage rebuilding and get our body “only” use, but not store energy.

What can help you in this?

Chromium, spirulina, fibres and protein.

- Provide support to your metabolism and muscles not only when you are on a diet or do toning, but at all times. Support enzyme and hormone production as well as the immune system.

What can help you in this?

Spirulina, multivitamins (vitamins and mineral complexes), magnesium, iodine, protein, glutamine tyrosine, BCCA.

- Inflammation and stress reduction is important. You might be on the right diet, exercise regularly, but results are not showing. It makes you disappointed and give up. By controlling the carbohydrate intake you can influence your mood and reduce fatigue.

What can help you in this?

L-Carnitine, spirulina, Omega-3, CLA, Ginkgo Biloba, lecithin, glutamine, BCAA, testosterone optimisers (for men above 30).

3. Perseverance

It is just as important as determination. You will need perseverance to reach your final goal, but you should also set mini goals. Measure your weight twice a month, try clothes you haven't worn for a while or simply glance in the mirror to get some acknowledgement.

I wish you a happy and successful New Year – in a healthy and shapely body!

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