Eat these if you want to lose weight

If you want a professionally composed regimen, include the following 10 foods to increase the effectiveness of your diet

fat burning foods


Excess weight is becoming immensely common these days; that's what all the media report, and the results, unfortunately, seem to be worse and worse every year, although we're making our own lives more difficult by accumulating our fat reserves. Physical activity becomes harder, metabolism slows down, and our hormone system will not support our ideal functioning, either. Moreover, the risk of a number of diseases is higher among overweight people, such as circulatory issues, various forms of cancer and metabolic issues. Especially excess fat accumulated on the abdominal area makes you susceptible to diseases of the circulatory system. In fact, excess calories taken in will not only accumulate on the 'spectacular' areas, but also invisibly around your organs, making their functioning more difficult.

Nevertheless, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't eat fats, only that it matters what kind. Fats, and especially unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, are very important to the optimum functions of your body and the health of the vascular system. What you should, however, avoid, are saturated fats, mostly found in animal based foods, such as red meats and dairy products.

fat burning foods

10 foods to help you lose weight

1 Oat flakes

It's a complex carbohydrate source, which greatly energises, but digesting and processing it is a very energy-consuming process for your body. We recommend it as your morning meal, so that you have sufficient energy for your workout and daily duties. Since it's a slow-absorbing and high-fibre source of carbs, it will make you feel full for longer than any floury bakery product or bread containing simple carbs. Also, its high protein content is a great source of nutrients for your muscles. You can make it more varied with, for example, berries and low-fat milk. It's also a good idea to add a serving of protein powder to it, so you can satisfy your craving for sweets right with your breakfast.

2 Chicken breast

A great source of protein, with low fat content. It helps you nurture your muscles, which your body won't break down during your diet, and therefore you can stay lean and toned after losing weight, too. Also, muscles require more energy, so by retaining and building your muscles you can burn more calories! It has low calorie content, but it needs more energy to digest, so it will make you feel full longer and you won't get hungry to soon. Make sure you have it roasted or grilled. It's useful to have high-fibre vegetables with it to get a really low-calorie lunch. Season it with pepper and green herbs to further enhance your metabolism.

3 Sea fish

Just like chicken breast, it's a great source of protein, which helps you recover, build and maintain your muscles. Also, it's rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which prevent cholesterol from depositing in blood vessels and they also clean them. Similarly to chicken breast, have it roasted or grilled with some vegetables or salads. Due to its low calorie content, your energy intake won't be too high if you

eat fish during the day. As with chicken breast, you can have fish before bedtime, but this time your side dish shouldn't contain any carbs. The best options are tilapia, hake and salmon.

4 Berry fruits

Berry fruits are great sources of vitamins and minerals during a diet, while they have low calorie content. They also reduce your craving for sweets. Their high water and fibre content supports the detoxification of your body, while they also make feel full. We should also highlight their antioxidant content, since the low-calorie diet also means much lower intake of vitamins, minerals and other immune strengthening active ingredients, which berry fruits greatly supplement. Blackberry, red currant, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry are all great choices when you're considering berry fruits.

5 Citrus fruits

Lemon, orange, lime, pomelo, grapefruit and other citrus fruits will also make a great companion when it comes to burning fat. Their sour taste takes your appetite away, and your digestive system will just love them, since it gets a lot of vitamins and the fluid intake fills it up. They clean your liver and kidneys, which also helps regain the balance of your body, which, in turn, facilitates the optimum absorption of the foods taken in, thus supporting weight loss. They support digestion and detoxify your body; lemon, in particular, helps your body recover the optimum pH levels, which is essential for losing weight. Its blood cleansing and blood vessel regeneration effect also contributes to the proper functioning of your body and helps oxygen supply, which is also important for fat burning.

6 Green Tea

This drink contains one of the most well-known plant based active ingredients, which we frequently use when we want to lose weight. Its caffeine content has a stimulating effect, accelerating metabolism and fat burning. The antioxidant effect contributes to the proper functioning of the body, getting rid of free radicals which harm and encumber the functioning of organs. Its caffeine content has a slow, prolonged absorption, so you won't feel suddenly tired like in the case of fast-absorbing caffeine. The detoxifying effect supports the battle against cellulite. You can have it before your main meal and between meals. Make sure you don't drink green tea 4-6 hours before bedtime to get a sound sleep.

7 Coffee

Similarly to green tea, its caffeine effect increases energy use, keeps you awake and boosts you when you feel tired due to your low-carb diet. Coffee also boosts metabolism and has a purifying, detoxifying effect. Make sure you don't put sugar in it, nor milk, if possible. The best effect can be achieved pure and unflavoured. 2 or 3 espressos a day is definitely healthy, and it's nice to make yourself a high-quality coffee for a rest between two meals. Drink your last daily coffee at least six hours before bedtime to get a calm and peaceful sleep.

8 Chili pepper

Capsaicin, found in chili peppers, helps fat burning and weight loss. Hungarian cuisine is basically spicy, but if you do like hot, spicy meals, it won't be a problem to include chili peppers in your diet. A number of fat burning nutritional supplements also contain capsaicin, due to its metabolism boosting and weight loss promoting effect. You must have also experienced that you feel hot after eating chili

peppers. That also shows that chili peppers increase body temperature to some extent, thus boosting energy use and therefore weight loss.

9 Protein shakes

Similarly to meats, the high protein content is basically important for the recovery of muscles again, and the slow absorption of protein helps you feel full longer, thus preventing you from taking in unnecessary calories between two meals. The great advantage of protein shakes is the nice flavour, which also satiates your craving for sweets, and you can prepare it in various ways. Besides mixing it in a shaker to drink it as a protein shake, you can also pour it on oat flakes for breakfast or bake it in oatmeal cookies for a healthy dessert. It's a convenient, delicious and, considering its price-to-value ratio, a very economical solution for high protein intake.

10 Protein bars

Similarly to protein shakes and meats, the benefit of protein bars is also the high protein content. When you don't have time to prepare your food or hassle with your shaker and water, protein bars are a great option. You can have them anywhere, they fit in any small place, they're a great source of nutrients, and you can substitute a lunch with them without spending a lot of time on preparing and having a meal. It's available in a wide range of flavours and compositions so you can find your perfect choice. It will make you feel full, so there's no risk of craving for sweets, since you can as well consider it a dessert. As a result, your daily calorie intake can significantly decrease, because you get enough nutrients and indulgence, and you don't even feel hungry.

It's not enough to eat only these

As you can see, the above foods are a great help when you want to lose weight. Due to their high fibre and/or protein content, they make you feel full, so you won't take in excessive calories which could get stored as fat, and therefore your body will more readily rely on your reserves to use them as fuel - and you begin to lose weight. Their high fluid content contributes to detoxification, and thus to the optimum functioning of your body, which is a basic requirement for losing weight. Their active ingredient, vitamin and mineral contents improve metabolism, increase body temperature and therefore contribute to losing weight and using energy. Still, if you want to be really effective, it's also recommended to use dietary supplements, such as L-Carnitine, containing other active ingredients which support losing weight, but you'll also find a number of other items in the product range. And if you add daily physical exercise to the right diet, you'll get your reward of a perfect shape in a few weeks or months!

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