Virág Kiss

Virág Kiss


160 cm

Weight: competition season 49 kg, otherwise 53 kg

Year of birth: 27 December 1990

I was born in Békéscsaba, on 27 December 1990. Sports have been an integral part of my life since my childhood. I participated in fitness competitions for six years; due to a serious injury, however, I had to stop competing. However, I've never given up my dream that I'll be a champion one day, and I started to discover new territories. I first hit the stage in the Fitness Model category in the spring competitive season of 2012. The change proved to be a good decision: at the end of the year, I returned from Bangkok with a world champion’s gold medal. In 2013, I signed with the IFBB Association, so I entered my first international competition (Arnold Classic Europe) in their colours. The effort put into the preparation and the many-week-long pre-contest diet yielded results: I returned home from the competition in Madrid with a gold medal, too. 2013 was a busy year for me, all the more because at the American Arnold Sport Festival I came in 3rd out of 60 competitors. Currently, my biggest goal is to achieve my best shape ever by the autumn season of 2014 at the Mexican IFBB Junior World Championship and the Canadian IFBB World Championship.

I’m not idle when I’m not sweating in the gym, either. I attend two universities at the same time: I study law at Pázmány Péter Catholic University and in the future I'd like to work as a criminal expert; also, in May I graduated from McDaniel College in politology, in English. My two greatest passions are sports and studying, and I am confident that, just like now, the two will nicely fit in with each other.




  • 1 March 2014 - Arnold Sports Festival, Colombus OH, USA
  • Bikini Model -160cm 3rd place

  • 12 October 2013 - Arnold Classic Europe, Madrid
    Bikini Model -160cm 1st place
  • 6 October 2013 – IFBB Arnold Classic Qualification
    Bikini Model -160cm 2nd place

  • 6 October 2013 – IFBB Hungarian Championship
    Bikini Model -160cm 2nd place

  • 29 September 2013 – IFBB Fitbalance
    Bikini Model -160cm 2nd place

  • 8 December 2012 - WBPF World Championship Bangkok
  • Model Physique -160cm 1st place

  • June 9 2012 - WBPF World Cup
    Junior Model Physique 1st place
    Model Physique -160cm 1st place

  • 26 May 2012 - WBPF European Championship Timisoara
    Junior Model Physique 1st place
    Model Physique -160cm 1st place
  • 20 May 2012 - WBPF EB Qualification Szeged
    Junior Model Physique 1st place
    Model Physique -160cm 1st place

  • 19 May 2012 - WBPF Austrian Cup
    Junior Model Physique 1st place
    Model Physique -165cm 2nd place


Weekly training routine:
6 training sessions a week: 1.5 hours weight training and 40 minutes cardio.

While preparing for competitions, my trainer, László Berkes plans my weekly training programme.

The type of cardio you do:

  • Stepper machine and stair climber in any quantity

  • Jacob’s Ladder

General regime during dieting:


  • 5-6 meals a day, consisting of green vegetables (iceberg lettuce, spinach, asparagus) and white meat

  • 5-6 l water or green tea daily

Dietary supplements you use:

  • BCAA

  • L-Glutamine

  • L-Carnitine

  • Thermo Drime Pro

  • Vitamin C

  • Zinc

  • Magnesium

  • Wianabol