Galia Iordanova

Galia Iordanova

Height: 1,66 cm

53 - 54 competition weight; 58-59 offseason

Year of birth:
14- 01- 1987


1st place Ludus Maximus 2013, Italy

Top 15 European Championship 2014, Spain

4th place Nights of the Champions 2014, Italy

Top 20 Arnold Classic Ohio 2015, USA

7th place Nathalia Melo Classic 2015, Ireland

Weekly training routine: I usually train 6 days a week and of course my routine changes according to the stage of my prep.

What type of cardio do you do: I discovered interval training works better for my bodytype but I also go for a 30-40 min treadmill walk each morning just to burst that metabolism and get some extra energy for the day and also add an abs routine.

General régime during dieting: Usually I eat 5-6 times a day, all of my meals are balanced with protein, carbs and fats, I believe that balance is the key to a fit lifestyle.

Dietary supplements you use: My “must have” are: BCAA, Glutamine, Whey Protein, CLA, Carnitine, Omega3, Vit C, Multivitamin, Vit E, Vit A, Vit D, Arginine and sometimes I like to add some thermogenic and try new supplements.

Favourite workout method: I love experimenting with different methods of training, mostly of course I love working with heavy weights but that is not always possible nor needed while i’m on prep., so I go for circuit training on high reps.