Zero Shake – Protein Drink to Go

You’d need a time machine to catch up on your backlog? You keep running a race with your daily to-do’s? Win the battle! Meet the new Zero Shake, a convenient, ready-to-drink protein drink that will surely fit into your time, bag and even your diet. Take it anywhere, drink it anytime. Supplement your protein needs easily, even on your busiest days.

zero shake

Zero Shake: a convenient supplement for protein-rich nutrition

There’s a long and arduous road to achieving a fit and attractive body shape; and you shouldn’t hit that road with an empty tank. Even maintaining a certain level takes fuel: according to experts, the optimum ratio of macro nutrients is 40% carbohydrate, 30% fat and 30% protein. For effective body-shaping, you need to shift the balance towards protein.


A more athletic body with increased protein intake

If you do sports and want to get into shape and lose weight, your success greatly depends on the adequate protein intake. That is because during increased physical activity and without sufficient supplementation, your existing muscle mass will not only not grow, but even break down. Don’t lose what you’ve worked for so hard and feed your muscles! The protein needs of a ‘weekend-warrior’, doing 3 or 4 training sessions a week, is – according to the recommendation of health organisations – 2 g per bodyweight kilogram. For a woman weighing 65 kg, it means as much as 130 g protein. She can satisfy her entire protein needs from natural dietary sources (meat, fish, pulses, eggs, nuts and seeds). However, the logistics it takes, commuting in a gym-workplace-home triangle, is sometimes an impossible mission.


High-quality nutrient for the road, conveniently

BioTechUSA’s new instant protein drink, Zero Shake offers a convenient and quick alternative to supplementing your daily protein intake. The product contains 25 g of protein, exactly as much as 100 g plain chicken breast fillet, 120 g cooked beef or 105 g tuna (in brine). High nutritional value is coupled with high quality; the main ingredient is the so-called Native Milk Concentrate, a milk protein concentrate made from fresh milk, not dairy by-products.


Zero Shake: a creamy milk drink free of lactose, gluten and preservatives


Would you happily set off for work with a box of silky and cool cocoa drink that you picked up at the filling station or from the fridge of the corner shop? Do you put it back on the shelf, disappointed to find the ‘E’ numbers covering the side of the box and the carbohydrate content sticking out from the table of nutrients?

Zero Shake without added sugar: calorie bombs deactivated!

What would you say if you could enjoy the old, well-known bang of taste without calorie bombs? We didn’t add any sugar to Zero Shake. It only contains naturally occurring sugars, has low fat content (0.5 M/M% fat), and it also free of lactose and gluten, as well as any chemical and other contaminating materials. It sends considerable amounts of protein into your body without adding unnecessary calories to your diet. At the same time, it’s sweet as honey, and its creamy flavours will surely satisfy your craving for a dessert.


Zero Shake: Take it anywhere, drink it anytime.


If you, too, keep juggling around with your daily duties like a many-handed Hindu god, and even the time you can spare on mixing your protein powder or washing up your shaker would be priceless, ask for protein to go! Stay on the move with Zero Shake. It’s always ready to go; the box can be conveniently closed and it fits in a small place – just put it in your hand bag or sports bag in the morning. Take it with you, shake it well and take a sip anywhere, anytime: walking on your way to the gym, sitting in your car in the morning or while waiting at the underground station. Enjoy it during work, after workout or even while hiking; take it to the mountain top and drink it on the peak. Just sit back and enjoy the view while your muscles grow!

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