Weekly home workout plan

If you don’t have time to go to a gym or can’t afford the pass, maybe you don't like crowds or company, don’t worry – you can easily work out at home. Just check out our workout plan.


Weekly home workout plan


Working out three times a week will perfectly keep you in shape if you also pay attention to what you eat. With your home workout plan, you can improve your relative strength, endurance and flexibility. It you have a few accessories at home, you can make the following exercises more varied or even increase loads, but it’s also enough if you have a little room to move at home.


You can even prepare your own accessories; you don’t need to keep a complete set of weights at home. You can fill a bottle with water and use it as a weight, or put a few books on top of each other and you have your own stepper.


How to begin your home workout

Three training sessions a week targeting each muscle group is perfectly suitable for keeping you fit. If you want to lose weight or endurance is important to you, maybe you are prone to weight gain, insert some cardio training on the in-between days, such as running, cycling, swimming, etc.


You can do the programme with a 30-second or 1-minute rest between each exercise, but if you’re fit enough you’d better do all the four exercises in one go and only have a 1 or 2-minute rest afterwards. Repeat each exercise at least three times.


The exercises below are perfect to develop a basic level of strength and endurance. You can make the exercises more difficult by using weights or other accessories, maybe by doing more sets.


During your workout you can drink BCAA, glutamine drink, perhaps isotonic drink, and after workout your usual protein shake to help recovery.



Day 1

Squats and jumps – day 1

It’s a complex leg exercise. Take a shoulder-width stance, and without pushing your knees forward, lower your hips at least to a point where your thighs are horizontal. Keep your back straight and look forward. Do 10 squats, and then 15 squat jumps as high as you can.

Pike walk push-ups – day 1

Take a shoulder-width stance and bend forward until your hands touch the ground. Supporting yourself on your hands, walk forward to a push-up position without moving your hips sideways.  Do a regular push-up without dropping your hips and waist. Keep your head straight up. Walk back on your hands and straighten up. Repeat the exercise ten times. It will work your core muscles, chest and triceps.


Back recovery – day 1

Lie down on your belly with your arms at right angles to your body. Face downwards and don’t move your head during the exercise. Lift your arms off the ground and put your hands together above your head. Move your arms back to the starting position, and then lower them next to your hips and back to the starting position. Put your arms back to the ground. Repeat the exercise ten times. It mainly works the back muscles responsible for correct posture.


Planks – day 1

Get a stopwatch and measure your plank time. Try to hold the correct position for at least 30, but not more than 90 seconds. Pay attention to your hips, waist and head. Constantly keep yourself away from the ground and keep your core muscles tight. It’s a complex core muscle exercise.


Weekly home workout plan


Day 2

Reverse lunge – day 2

Stand with your feet closed. Take a step backwards with one leg until you reach right angles both at your hip and your knee. Keep your upper body in a vertical position, your back straight and look ahead. To make it more difficult, you can also work your biceps during the exercise. Repeat the exercise alternating your legs. Do 15 reps with both legs. It’s a complex leg exercise that also improves coordination.


Pike Push-ups – day 2

One of the best exercises that works the shoulder girdle. Start in a triangle position, that is, support yourself on your hands and raise your hips until your upper and lower body and the ground forms an equilateral triangle. Keeping this position, bend your arms and lower your head towards the ground, and then push your trunk back to the starting position the same way. Make sure you don’t lower your chest towards the ground. Do 10 reps.


Scales – day 2

It’s an exercise that targets the hip flexors and the glutes, but your calves and trunk work, too, and your coordination also improves. Stand on one leg, raise the other leg backwards, and at the same time, tilt your trunk forward until it forms a straight line with your leg. Do the exercise slowly, and if not necessary, don't put your foot down before the next rep. Do 10-10 reps.


Side plank hip raise – day 2

It works your core muscles, especially obliques. Assume a side plank position with your legs stacked (harder version), or put your upper leg ahead and thus your legs will be next to each other. Raise your hip high slowly, hold it on the top, then slowly lower it back towards the ground, but don't put it down completely. Do the next rep, altogether 12, and then switch sides.


Weekly home workout plan


Day 3

Handstand at the wall (with arm bends if you can) – day 3

Find a nice wall that you can kick yourself up against. If you can’t do that, turn around and walk your feet up as high as you feel safe and you don’t kick off anything in your home. Use a stopwatch to measure the time, and try to hold it for at least 30 seconds, but not more than 90 seconds. It’s a great shoulder exercise.


Side lunge – day 3

It’s a complex leg exercise. Stand with your feet slightly apart or closed and take a big step sideways. Shift your bodyweight on your stepping leg and bend your knee, and then return to your starting position. Look ahead and don’t hang your head. Keep your upper body straight and as close to vertical as you can. Try to go down at least until your thigh is horizontal. Do 15 reps on both sides.


Lying hip raises – day 3

It's a glute exercise which also works the core muscles! Lie down on your back, pull up your knees with your feet on the ground. If you’re not a beginner, move your arms away from the ground, e.g. embracing yourself. Raise your hips high, pressing your heels to the ground and tightening your glutes. Hold this position on the top for one or two seconds, and then slowly lower your hips back, but don't put them down completely. Do the next rep. Perform the exercise 20-30 times.


Crunch and straight leg drop combined – day 3

Lie down on your back and raise your legs towards the ceiling. Touch your feet doing a slow and controlled crunch, and then lower your upper body back on the ground just as slowly. Now let one leg go down as low as 5-10 cm above the ground, and then bring it back next to your other leg. Let your other leg go down the same way and then bring it back. If you have a sensitive or aching lower back, put your hands under your butt when lowering your legs. It’s crucial that your lower back should stay on the ground throughout the exercise.


Begin now!

There’s nothing more left than to begin your workout! Put on your workout clothes, get a towel and some drink ready and begin warming up! Enjoy your home workout! How cool that you can do your training without having to go anywhere, wait for others or buy a pass, and you can even get into the shower any time!

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