The role of protein in weight loss and healthy eating

A high protein diet has become so popular that you could dream of becoming the next fitness model by following a diet that consists mostly of protein. However, it is not as simple as that...

Protein with protein – is it really the secret of a successful weight loss? From the small grocery store on the corner to organic food shops there is no place where you couldn’t buy some sort of a protein shake or protein bar. A high protein diet has become so popular that you could dream of becoming the next fitness model by following a diet that consists mostly of protein. However, it is not as simple as that...

Protein should have the right place in our diet

Let’s start with the very beginning. Protein is a macro nutrient, one of the three main types (protein, carbohydrate and fat). In a normal and healthy diet all three (it is very important!) have a role and place, and the right proportions and healthy sources are equally important! They can’t fully replace the other. In some diets the consumption of fat or protein is more significant. However, an average person should keep the following calorie proportions: 50-60% carbohydrate, and the rest is divided between proteins and fats equally. One gram of fat contains twice as many calories as the other two nutrient types, therefore some moderation is advised in this regard.

You can see that only 20–30% of your daily calories should come from protein sources. Another principle is to consider what your goal is – the ideal protein quantity is 1–2g/kg in body weight, so if you are 70kg and want to bulk, you should consume 140g protein a day.

Now that you know the quantities, let us examine what sources you should be taking it from and what other meals can be consumed with it. It is best to use lean protein sources such as poultry, sea fish, egg white, cottage cheese, ricotta, low fat cheese, soy and protein shake. As a side dish you can opt for brown, red or basmati rice, bulgur, buckwheat, millet or a medium-size sweet potato. Broccoli, mushrooms, asparagus, spinach and all raw vegetables and salads are also an excellent choice. You can take your fat quantity – apart from oils and fatty meat - even in the form of some oily seeds. It couldn’t be simpler!

What will happen if I take too much protein? Will I gain weight?

Things are not black and white. It is not true either that by consuming too much protein you will gain weight and above a certain quantity it is transformed into fat or carbohydrate. Well, it might sound funny, but you can read such weird things on the internet.

First of all, you won’t retain water and start growing fat immediately when you exceed the calculated daily protein requirement. Yet, it is true that if you consume exceedingly more (maybe twice as much protein) than the required quantity, you put an extra burden on your body and your digestive system. You can process and break down about 30–50g protein per meal. And consequently, you will be tired, irritable and bloated, may experience constipation or acidification and the excess will be excreted, which is also a waste of money.

What should you combine protein food supplements with for weight loss?

Once you have the right kind of diet, you can start taking dietary supplements (to complement, not to replace the right kind of diet!). Prior to workout take fat burners and vitalising products that push your tiredness limit and provide you with physical and mental energy. After or during training take amino acids, glutamine, BCAA and after workout a quick or mixed protein shake, depending on what you will eat and when afterwards. If you are unsure about what to choose, visit one of our shops where our consultants can provide you with further information and help.

If you read about some drastic, one-sided solution for weight loss, you should always be suspicious and critical. While finding the right balance is extremely difficult, you can’t make progress without it – too much protein or “pills” simply won’t help you.


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