The must-own vitamins for Winter

We walk you through the best vitamins for the Winter months.

With the days now cold and the nights longer than before, it is the time make sure you stock up on your vitamins and give yourself the best chance to survive the next round of illness.

Winter should be a time of goodwill and jolly family times so make sure you're not a victim of the office bug or the typical flu at this time of year, and boost your immune system with this list of top supplements.

Vitamin C
Vitamin is an essential intake during the colder months and really helps your body's cells to remain in the best working condition. It works at producing collagen which helps in the wellbeing of your skin, organs and blood vessels. It can also help prevent the common cold, give you clearer skin and lower cholesterol so however you take it, be it tablet or powder, be sure to make sure you're adding this to your daily intake.

Vitamin A
This can often be overlooked but vitamin A is a key member of a good balanced healthy life over the colder months. This can be found in things like cod liver oil and is effective at helping the production of white blood cells in the body, making sure you're fighting fit to avoid ear infections, chest infections and the common cold. It can be quite hard to find as a standalone supplement so if you struggle to source it on its own then make sure you have a regular daily intake of multivitamins where it is commonplace.

Vitamin D
With the cold winter months and the reduced sunlight hours a lot of us can struggle to get the required levels of vitamin D we need through a typical day. This then is a great reason to ensure you get the best amount you can through supplementing your daily amount. This supplement can help to fight off general infections and illness, helps aid bone mineralisation and is known to treat blood conditions also. It is often described as the ultimate supplement with the cold months making us cover our skin on a daily basis meaning we don't get enough sunlight to feel and function as well as we could, so make sure you get this vitamin into your life's routine.

Green Tea Extract
This should be a staple for any time of year for health conscious people or the average Joe Bloggs looking to live a healthy kind of life. Whilst there isn't the normal flu fighting properties in green tea as with the other vitamins this is a great supplement to take over the cold Winter months of many reasons. It helps to keep hunger at bay for longer periods and this is very helpful in the colder months as you maybe are a little less active and reluctant to exercise out in the cold, meaning you are less likely to fill out by binge eating with all those glorious mince pies and finger foods! It's fat burning properties are really high which means it's good at keeping your weight at a controlled level throughout the cake eating season we call Christmas. You can find this supplement in powder, tea or tablet form and taking it at any point in the day is a great way to boost your efforts at keeping on top of your health and remaining fit during a difficult time of year.

During the winter there can be a tendency to feel a little sluggish and less energetic and this is mainly due to the low hours of daylight, the cold weather and the chances of getting ill more frequently. Iron can help to reduce these feelings by maximising your energy levels with the aided production of red blood cells and fresh blood oxygen delivery to the bones, muscles and bone marrow. All this means you'll be working better at producing the things your body needs to make the best out of a cold, tiring and illness filled time of year.

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Taeo Robinson

Taeo Robinson

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