Take care of your health coping with the colder weather

How you can ensure that the colder months during training go smoothly.

For anybody training or not the cold months coming ahead can prove to be a difficult period for your body to adjust to the colder climate and you need to have a focus on how to adjust effectively. The autumn and winter months can be full of freezing mornings, avoiding the flu and illness and making sure you still are in prime position to work on your fitness.

Ensuring your training doesn't take a back seat can be a challenge when you don't want to get out of your warm and toasty bed. The shorter daylight hours can prove to be a challenge also if you intend to train outdoors to work on your fitness goals.

Let's take a closer look at how best to maintain your top health and condition despite the colder months and the opportunity for training hours diminishing.

Daily vitamins

Making sure you give your body the best chance to be in top fighting condition is a must in the colder months. You should always be thinking about how best to add to your vitamin intake on a daily basis. You should already be aiming for lots of fruit and vegetables in your daily meal intake but there should be a focus on external factors also to give yourself the best possible chance to remain healthy. Look for items such as BioTechUSA’s fully loaded vitamin complex, One A Day, which blends 12 vitamins with essential minerals to ensure your body is in top working order. If you can assure your daily vitamin influx is from one tablet a day, then anything above and beyond is going to ensure your body receives a great boost to keep illness and flu at bay.

Feel the base

When training and in normal working life there can be a tendency for some people to avoid the issue of the weather changing. How many times have you seen someone wearing shorts in the middle of the winter months and wondering if they can feel the cold? Wearing a solid heat holding base layer is a sure fire way to maintain a good working heat in your muscular system and ensuring your muscles are kept warm enough means you'll be avoiding pulling or straining them and potential injury. Warming your body means your muscles are looser and more relaxed so that when you stretch ready for exercise they are primed for the physical activity ahead. Look for thermal layers that you can add to your gym wear and high tech support which will work at wicking away any excess cold sweat from your body.

Start the day warm

The mornings from this point on will be notoriously cold and part of you may struggle to get out bed as early and onto the cold floor beneath you. Be brave with it tho and be sure that one of your first drinks is always a soul warming hot drink. Think of a nice hot green and lemon tea or a hot blast of warm coffee to get the juices flowing and to warm your body through, ready for the day's events. For those who want to combine a morning meal with the chance to get warm then BioTechUSA’s Protein Gusto Soup range is a great addition. Packing over 16g of quality protein and almost 500kjls of energy you'll not only be feeding your body correctly but you'll be all toasty and warm inside and ready for the frost outside.

Whatever way you intend to take care of yourself over the coming colder months just be sure to give yourself the best chance to be in top shape with a few helpful additions to your normal daily routine. All it takes is a little tweaking and a few added extras here and there so there's really no excuse for you to remain cold or to not give your body a chance at working at maximum level. With the help of a few of BioTechUSA’s essential products and supplements you can avoid illness and injury this coming autumn and stay on top of your game!

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Taeo Robinson

Taeo Robinson

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