Protein to take away

Show us a pastry that allows you to take in 20 g protein! You can’t, can you?


It must have happened to you, too, that however much you try to pay attention to your eating habits and diet, try to plan and cook in advance and put your daily meals in boxes, life just intervenes. You have an unexpected meeting that delays your planned lunch, or an unexpected customer comes and asks you if you have time to hold another training sessions just when you are about to eat your meal, or you have your nicely pre-portioned meal, but you only have five minutes left to get somewhere. You're not going to say ‘no’ to your boss or send the customer away, nor stop in your rush to start to eat from a box. And that’s when cheat meals come in.

How convenient just to pop into the nearest bakery, grab some readily available and easy-to-eat, moreover, delicious, pastry or some chocolate, since you “need some energy, anyway”! The problem with these, however, is that they contain a lot of unnecessary and very little useful calories; they’re rich in energy but have a low nutrient content. Pastries mostly contain fast-absorbing carbohydrates, which can make you perhaps the happiest person in the world in while you eat them – that is, for about five minutes. An hour later, however, all you're left with is bad conscience – that your energy that lasted as long as noon (as regards healthy eating) is now history – and hunger. It is because one of the drawbacks of fast-absorbing carbs is that they raise blood sugar levels quickly. As a response, your body starts to release insulin to transport the carbs taken in to your cells as soon as possible (thus normalising blood sugar levels), and your poor brain feels hunger again, which makes you eat again. It’s a vicious circle. The good news is that you can prevent all this by conscious planning and eating your meals at regular intervals. This is where damned life comes into the picture, preventing you from eating consciously, so you need a quick but healthy alternative. It’s important not to fall into despair at this point, as there's a solution to everything – a Zero Bar, for example.

In such cases, Zero Bar is a perfect choice, as its nutritional values offer a quick, delicious and nutritious option in this rushing world. Due to its special ingredient “native whey isolate”, Zero Bar supplies your body with high-quality proteins. Show us a pastry that allows you to take in 20 g protein! You can’t, can you?

Most protein bars have some kind of chocolate or yoghourt coating, which greatly contributes to their nice taste, but also to their sugar content. When creating Zero Bar, it was an important criterion that it should contain as little sugar as possible, while being enjoyable and delicious. That‘s how the product was made uncoated, tasting fantastic and free of added sugar.

These days more and more people are affected by some kind of food intolerance or allergy; fortunately, Zero Bar can be easily fitted into the diet of even those sensitive to lactose or gluten, too, as the product is free of lactose and gluten. Besides its high protein content, Zero Bar is also rich in dietary fibres, so you can overcome any obstacles until your next meal more easily.

Of course, this is not to encourage you not to plan ahead or prepare your meals for the next day. Keep up your conscious eating habits and a varied diet! I simply want to point out that in the above-mentioned – otherwise common – emergency situations Zero Bar can be your lifesaver. A Zero Bar easily fits anywhere: your bag, your desk drawer or even the pocket of your coat. Don’t yield to the temptation of a delicious-looking pastry – grab a Zero Bar instead!

Besides the well-known flavours, two new ones are now available: the classic chocolate-banana, and the refreshing chocolate-mint.

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