Perspiration-free workout! – Know more about Tabata

Tabata is a 4 minute, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that helps you reach your goal shortly, either you want to improve your stamina or burn fat.


Perspiration-free workout! – Know more about Tabata

Do you need an effective and time saving workout that improves your performance and shapes your body at the same time? Then this is the best place for you, because this article is about to introduce you to Tabata, a type of workout whose popularity has grown most recently. You will also read about two sequels of exercise that you can try to challenge yourself. This workout will make you need only 20 minutes a day to reach your goal. Tabata’s other benefit is that you can do it either at home or at the gym, using your own body weight or other exercising accessories.     

Where does the Tabata workout routine come from?

Originally created as a way to train Olympic speed skaters, it was discovered by a Japanese professor, Dr. Izumi Tabata. The Tabata routine requires sportsmen and sportswomen to sprint with maximum intensity for definite intervals, followed by rests of also definitely designated intervals. Prof. Tabata and his team made the conclusion that the rotation of high intensity and rest intervals improves sports performance, stamina and fitness.

The essence of the workout routine developed by Tabata and his team is that it alternates high intensity exercises of 20 seconds and rest intervals of 10 seconds through 4 minutes .

Each exercise needs to be repeated 8 times. The most important goal of the intense intervals for you is to workout with full force, while reaching complete stillness during rest intervals. This workout routine is exclusive of warmup and stretching in the end, so that you need to calculate with these.

Based on the results, not only your stamina but also your fat burning is excellently improved by the Tabata routine.

What is the Tabata workout composed of?

What is the Tabata workout composed of?

Tabata workout is a type of HIIT, read more about it. As to all types of workouts, you need to start with a thorough warmup, followed by your real workout for 20 minutes, finished by stretching. This means around 40 minutes of exercise.

You should exercise in the following intervals: highly intense workout for 20 seconds and rests for 10 seconds through 4 minutes, repeated eight times one by one. A workout that lasts 20 minutes will hence be composed of 5 rounds, to say 5 various exercises.

Of course, you are at liberty to pick the number of exercises and their duration, as well as their types (either own body weight, with accessories or functional). Since the number of exercises that you can opt for is nearly indefinite, the Tabata routine is recommended equally to beginners and advanced users. The point is to work out by maximum efforts and concentration according to your skills and stamina in the 20 second, high intensity intervals.

Benefits of the Tabata routine

The foregoing already touched on the benefits of the Tabata workout, but let’s just sum up why this type of workout has become the most popular way of body exercise.

The most important benefit is that you can do a very effective workout within a short period of time, leading to significant improvement, either you need to improve your body power or stamina or losing weight or burning fat.

In addition to its efficiency, you can burn more calories by Tabata than by any other medium intensity aerob workouts!

If your warmup is OK, the risk of injury during Tabata reduces, because the same sort of exercises are done for a relatively long period of time, before which you need to do warmup. Tabata helps accelerate metabolism and its high intensity maintains fat burning.

It is easy to set up a training scheme based on Tabata. The end of this article will show you a couple of exercises that you can easily use to set up your training scheme.

Exercises for an effective Tabata workout

Exercises for an effective Tabata workout

The routine is flexible as to locations and accessories: you can do it at home or at many gyms that do CrossFitt and functional trainings. Depending on your goal and what accessories you may have, nearly any exercises can make up your training scheme. Let’s see some examples for own body weight and sports accessory aided exercises:

  1. Own body weight exercises

  • Jumping from squat with total body weight

  • Mountain climber

  • Plank into push-up

  • Jumping with alternating legs from lunge

  • Jumping unto bench, jumping with both legs unto box

  • V-ups


  1. Tabata exercises aided with sports accessories

  • Kettlebell swing

  • Wall-ball shots

  • Rowing with kettlebells in push-up position

  • Stretching sidekick with alternate legs, with hand weights pushed up from shoulders

  • Stretching backwards, side lifting with hand weights

  • Sitting knee-ups, hanging leg raises

Up to exercise!

By now, you are hopefully in a mood of trying this super effective and less time demanding type of workout. Either you need fat burning or muscle up or improving your stamina, you can be sure of the Tabata workout that will help you bring the best out of you.   

Of course, you should not forget about your balanced diet. If you take up doing the Tabata workout regularly, you should have huckleberry, eggs and avocado. In addition, you should have some complementary nutrients during exercises. This way you will be able to put up with the super intense exercises, if you simply have some formula of pre-workout for starter and some protein mix when you finish your training. Finally, do not forget about proper water supply while doing your exercises. If you want your drinks fixed, fix’em with some instant beverage powders that contain amino acids.

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