How do you exercise responsibly in times of coronavirus?

Have you made the responsible decision and will stay at home during the coronavirus epidemic? You don't have to give up regular training yet!


How do you exercise responsibly in times of coronavirus? Inevitably, the coronavirus is spreading in the world, radically changing our daily routine. Unfortunately, many people still do not take the harmful consequences of the virus seriously, so they make some basic mistakes during sports that can easily transmit the infection. These include failing to disinfect fitness machines before and after use, or neglecting thorough hand washing.

Globally, many gym owners have already voluntarily decided to close, in some other countries the mandatory quarantine does not give another option. However, do not think of this as the reason why you have to give up your training, and it would be a mistake to simply put the weights deep in the closet.

With this article, we want to give you some support during your stay at home and show you that there are countless ways to move and recharge every day!

Why are sporting events canceled during an epidemic?

As you probably know, the best thing we can do to stay out of the epidemic is to stay at home, avoiding crowded places, and minimizing social interactions. Of course, because of this there are many cancellations and compromises, whether it is work, entertainment, relaxation or even exercise.

Restrictions have been introduced around the world, for example, on mass events, including sporting events. UEFA has announced that it will postpone the European Football Summer Championship by one year and the Giro d'Italia cycling event will not take place as planned.

It is, of course, astonishing to read these news, but we must see that behind each one of them, there is a responsible, long-term, positive decision. Hundreds of thousands of people would be in contact with each other at these events, and the chances of passing on the virus would be multiplied, especially since in many cases the individual carrying the virus would not show any symptoms. Thus, the main purpose of these precautions is to discourage social contact and to control the spread of the virus.

Avoid sports facilities while the virus is present!

Avoid sports facilities while the virus is present!

Unfortunately, not only mass events themselves but also places where many people are present can be potential sources of danger. For example, various sports facilities. Although the number of visitors to gyms and swimming pools is decreasing these days, this does not mean that it is right to visit these places, even if there are not many people around. On one hand, it is not known for sure whether or not one of the few people you are training with is a virus carrier. And on the other, even if at the moment there are a few people, we don’t know how many have been here in the previous 10 to 12 hours, and we know that the virus can survive on different surfaces for a while.

Thus, if an infected person forgets to disinfect the machine after use, it increases the risk of the virus spreading.

So, during this period, it is definitely worth considering several times whether you go down to the gym or even go to train outdoors at the park. However, if you decide to visit a fitness center, be sure to pay close attention the proper precauntionary measures. Like what? Wash your hands frequently or use a hand sanitizer, even after every exercise! Always carry towels, handkerchiefs and make sure you wipe the sweat off your face with these. In addition, it cannot be repeated enough to disinfect all machines before and after use! And when you meet friends, avoid greetings such as handshakes or kisses.

What kind of sport should you choose during the coronavirus?

If you’ll be spending a while in quaratine at home, you don’t need to miss the joy of moving! In fact, believe me, if you continue to exercise regularly and develop new habits, you will be able to withstand this transition much easier!

Motivate yourself to minimize the risk of infection by exercising at home, since you will not come into contact with objects that hundreds of other people have also touched, or as potential carriers of viruses, you won’t be a risk to others.

These days you really can take advantage of the digital world, so do it! After a short search, you will find many home workout videos on the web, lots of articles detailing how to do the different exercises correctly, and even a complete home workout plan!

Have you usually been in group classes? You can find a solution! Talk to your friends about a date, start a video chat and train together! This will do good for your body, but also for your soul, and you'll feel less locked up! In addition, during the outbreak, more and more coaches are giving free classes on social media for you follow live, in real time. Take this opportunity!

For example, have you been considering to try yoga for a long time, but you haven't dared to go for your first class? This is the perfect time! Find an online training for beginners and start in your own living room!

And if you are a fan of outdoor sports and have a good run regularly, you don't have to give up, of course, but it's also worth following a few rules to protect yourself and your environment!

How to be a responsible runner?

How to be a responsible runner?

If you are longing for fresh air, then exploring the opportunities in your area is a good option with a hike in the nearby woods or in the park. If you are an experienced runner and running is part of your daily life, you do not have to give up; with a little extra attention, you can continue to be devoted your passion. Of course, the rules apply here too: Do not touch your face when exercising outdoors, do not train if you are ill, and always wash your hands thoroughly before you touch anything back at home!

If you have the opportunity, avoid overcrowded runways during the time outbreak is still going on, as you may not be able to maintain a safe distance from other runners.

If you have a running track close to you, try to go at times when fewer people using it. However, it is best to step out of your comfort zone and discover unfamiliar running locations that are less crowded and safer from social contact.

If you are running close to your home, you can also reduce the risk of infection if you do the warm-up before the run, but at home!

You only enjoy running with friends? It is safer to try yourself running alone, but if you still need the company, you should always pay close attention to washing your hands, not touching your face, and avoiding the usual greetings like handshaking and kisses. If are used to running in a group, it is also a good idea to split and decide who goes on which day. You can even split up by location, and then, after your workout, sneak in your favorite protein shake to discuss each other’s experience with each new running track! (Of course, the exchange of experience is strictly online only for a while!)

So what should you be keeping in mind as a responsible runner?

  • Leave your home only if you are healthy

  • When you meet a friend, avoid the usual physical greetings

  • Avoid touching anything: The traffic light button at the zebra, running track fences, door handles and public toilets, etc.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly whenever you can or use a hand sanitizer

  • Pull your scarf up and cover your mouth to reassure others

  • Keep a distance of at least 2 meters when running in a team

  • Don't start running marathons, instead focus on individual training.

Without a strong immune system, it is more difficult to protect yourself

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