Fat burning without artificial stimulants? It is possible! Part 1

Even though fat burners offer an appealing solution, many people are afraid to take them!



Basic truths we often hear about food supplements

Even those articles that promote food supplements mention this, so when we talk about fat burning without artificial stimulants it is all the more important to keep in mind the following:

  • There are no elixirs and wonder pills. If you don’t follow a proper diet and don’t exercise enough, you can’t burn any fat, but the opposite is equally true – if the two pillars of weight loss are in place, you don’t necessarily have to spend money on supplements.
  • If you are a beginner and have never done any sports, your body can undergo a spectacular change simply when you start exercising your formerly idle muscles. In this case, it is absolutely unnecessary to burden the body with stimulants.
  • There is no such a thing as local fat burning, no capsule will ever do that for you. If you enter a food supplement store with a desire to purchase a product that will make the fatty tissue disappear from your belly, well, you will soon be disappointed.
  • One advantage of food supplements is that they provide you with some motivation, either by increasing your energy level and extending your limits or by reducing the time required for regeneration – and just the notion that you spent a fortune on them can make you determined “not to cheat”. The same effect can be achieved if you use alternative methods, for example, if you meditate, practise brain control (i.e. visualise the result to be achieved), surround yourself with food, objects, colours, images that symbolise a healthy life, do yoga and last, but not least if you spend enough time resting.


Natural boosters and meals that support shredding

There are some active ingredients and meals that you might have been consuming and that can boost your diet in a safe, risk-free way while also provide your body with energy. These are the following:

  • caffeine (high quality coffee and Chinese, mate or green tea);
  • fibres (oat bran, vegetables, psyllium seed husk, wholemeal flour and other flours);
  • meals rich in vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids (vegetables, low-calorie fruit, oily seeds and oils with moderation – for example on salads, seafood and avocado);
  • a diet rich in lean protein (chicken and turkey breast, fish, eggs, low-fat cottage cheese and ricotta);
  • certain spices (for example cinnamon boosts insulin metabolism, ginger helps in detoxification and digestion, curry has an anti-inflammatory and immune booster effect);
  • increased water consumption (that supports the natural cleansing of the body, improves your skin elasticity that can become particularly important when you lose weight).


In the next part of this article you will learn about the different training methods and complementary activities that support natural fat burning.

Panna Plézer

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