Don’t Cheat – Choose Zero Bar

A protein bar with no added sugar and available in 11 fantastic flavours of chocolate, coffee and cookie, Zero Bar is sure to become you favourite snack to replace chocolate!


zero barWhy Zero Bar?


Within a healthy lifestyle, besides regular exercising and psychological balance, conscious eating is becoming more and more popular. By conscious eating we mean taking in sufficient amounts and ratios of micro and macro nutrients and timing each meal in accordance with our lifestyle and our goals.

However, on a fast-paced working day, wouldn’t you like some snack to give yourself a break? It would be a shame to ruin your diet with a bar of chocolate or some cookie. Luckily, you don’t need any cheat food if you have a Zero Bar; maximum taste, quality and pleasure in one bar, a delicacy made of premium protein, free of lactose, gluten and added sugar.

Taking in the sufficient amount of protein is a crucial point in any diet, since we can't always ensure the necessary quantities with our food. Everybody needs protein, whether you work out every day or go on a diet to lose weight. It is because protein helps you maintain and increase muscle mass.

You should primarily take in the necessary amount in the form of food (lean meat, fish, dairy products, eggs); sometimes, however, you may not have enough time for that on a fast-paced day, or you just crave something sweet – in such cases, fortunately, a protein bar such as Zero Bar can be a great solution!


When to eat a protein bar


Zero Bar has the advantage of fitting in anywhere, so you can easily take it with you in your pocket, in your bag, or you can even keep one in your car for emergency.

Considering that Zero Bar is a protein bar, it’s also a great choice after workout, since after some hard exercise you need to replenish the energy sources you've depleted – and it's also an excellent alternative for a post-workout protein shake, because it contains the same amount of protein.

You may as well have one during the day; it will also make a perfect healthy snack between lunch and supper, for example. Zero Bar is currently available in 11 flavours. With the exemption of two (cappuccino, apple pie), all of them has chocolate as a flavour component. So it may also offer a nice alternative to chocolate when you crave something sweet, but you can also use it creatively for desserts based on Zero Bar.


What one Zero Bar contains


Due to its special ingredient “Native Whey Isolate”, Zero Bar supplies your body with high-quality proteins. It is made without any coating and aspartame, and, besides its high protein content, Zero Bar is also rich in dietary fibres, so you can overcome any obstacles until your next meal more easily. Because it only contains 5.5 g carbohydrate, it easily fits into any diet – but if just crave something sweet with your evening movie, go for a Zero Bar!

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