Developing your supplement intake

How to utilise your supplement support during your year long plan.

So we've discussed how to effectively plan your journey through an entire year and how to keep the best record you possibly can during this time. We've taken a look at the best ways to monitor your plan and change it up when you need to and also how best to make sure your records are kept up to date and evolving with your body and training. One thing we have yet to focus on is how to supplement your year long plan and change with the conditions you find yourself in and alter your intake with your ever evolving journey.

Supplements play a massive part in many people's active and healthy lives and can be the difference for crossing a new threshold and beating targets through the year. Having a thorough supplement plan in place that you can develop along this journey can be a great way to ensure you are working at your very best. Whether it be to lose weight, tone up or add some serious bulk to your frame the use of top quality supplements can sometimes be the difference between hitting your goals or not. So let's take look at how you should be recording your supplement intake and how to make the necessary changes if things become stagnant.


A lot of people start off with a basic supplement intake of protein or fat loss to enhance their training needs. This can be a great way to begin and to start your body off slowly with its journey into adjusting to a new intake of nutrients. However, you need to begin your journey into the supplement world be sure to let your body adjust correctly and increase the amount you add steadily and slowly so you can have time to process the extra feeding you desire. Never rush these things as they take time and they are always worth the wait.


After you've given time to your body to adjust to this new regime be sure to research exactly what you want to do with any new or increased supplements in the same way you wouldn't put anything into your body you didn't know about. Every supplement will help you in a way but be sure to look into any allergens or ingredients that could affect you in a negative way. If you're increasing the load you normally take, then make sure to do your research into what the extra load will do to you before you up the ante. If you are taking a new supplement like Creatine for example, you'll have to factor in the cycles you need to do to feel the best benefits possible. Creatine should ideally be used on a three month on/three month off cycle because of how it uses water in your body. It may seem simple to some of you out there but it's essential you do your homework before starting anything new.

Record everything

The best way to track your yearly plan progress and also your supplement intake is to track everything you ever take and add to your diet. Record the daily intake as you begin and record exactly the amounts you take and what kind of effect it had on your training. Recording this way allows you to see when an effect happened, how it affected your plan and how you performed with that intake during the time. You can record this as a separate book aside to your training plan or can integrate it into a bigger yearly plan and try to see how your supplementation has helped or hindered your progress. Make sure to not everything and be precise with your recording so you know exactly what has happened or is happening to your body.

Whether you're just beginning your journey with supplements or are an old hand with them, recording your intake into your yearly training planner can be a fantastic way to ensure you are monitoring your progress on the gym and in the kitchen. Make sure to record everything and track exactly how much your supplement intake is helping you on your own journey.

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Taeo Robinson

Taeo Robinson

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