Burn calories by walking

You've come across Nordic Walking in many places. In program guides, in the woods or on the street anywhere in the city.

Burn calories by walking

The great advantage of Nordic Walking is that you can go anywhere, whether in nature or in the city. Especially the older generation recognized its efficiency, and it has become significantly popular worldwide. It moves the entire body very effectively. Unlike walking, Nordic Walking actively involves the arms in the movement.

It is a great calorie burning exercise, so if you are aiming to lose weight, we highly recommend it.

All you need is weather-friendly clothing and 2 Nordic walking sticks. In this article we will introduce you to the essence of this sport, its origins and why it is a great activity to try and practice regularly.

Nordic Walking - How to Love Cardio Training

Originally started in the 1960s, this sport was started by a Finnish physical education teacher, who became more and more popular with Nordic Walking.

What is Nordic Walking?

Nordic walking is, in other words, hiking with a walking stick, which results in a movement similar to cross-country skiing, working all muscles, including arms, as opposed to just walking. Simple and cheap, but why so special? In the past, walking or hiking meant getting from A to B. Because of the inadequate level of infrastructure and transport development, people were forced to move and walk. There were not as many musculoskeletal and health problems.

Who is Nordic Walking recommended for?

Who is Nordic Walking recommended for?

Today, we are even driving to the nearest places by car, public transport has improved and the amount of movement has been significantly reduced. Many people are obese, do sedentary work, and have musculoskeletal problems. So it's no wonder that walking should be advertised and promoted. It is the simplest exercise and the easiest sports program to execute. All you have to do is take the time. With this simple movement, Nordic Walking, you do more than just walk.

Not only do you move your joints, stimulate blood circulation, strengthen your muscles and improve your stamina, but you can also easily control your weight.


All you need is a special tool, the walking stick. Unlike walking, this helps your arms move and really help your foot work, getting stronger, burning more calories, and being active. No other special clothing is required. Perfect for all terrain conditions, whatever the weather. You can go out, pick an itinerary anytime, anywhere.

It is also a good idea for older people, as walking is facilitated by arm movement and the pace is determined by your own fitness. You can do it alone if you prefer it, but you can talk to your friends and it will be great fun together. Low-intensity exercise when done flat, at a slower pace, over a longer period of time, makes for a great fat burner as well. Since it is a joint-friendly exercise, it is advisable to exercise even for overweight people. At the same time, it works properly for all muscle groups. Nordic Walking burns 40% more calories than regular walking, thanks to the extra exercise. In addition, using the sticks on difficult terrain can also help you stay safe.

Walk the Excess: Nordic Walking for Weight Loss

As mentioned above, Nordic Walking plays an important role in assisting with the work of the hand, so it is very different from the simple walk. You can burn a lot more calories and at the same time exercise in a joint-friendly way. It can also be recommended with considerable weight, because moving the stick and activating the arms will relieve some of the strain on the feet. It is more advantageous than running because it does not include the impact and kicking on the joints. However, there is no such high pulse rate, unless of course you choose to walk uphill.

With Nordic Walking, it is much easier than running to keep your heart rate within the fat burning range, and you can get rid of your excess weight more effectively.

What are the positive health effects of Nordic Walking?

What are the positive health effects of Nordic Walking?

  1. 1. Stamina: If you do sedentary work and spend a lot of time sitting or lying outside of work, it will be necessary to move yourself with a sporting activity so that the musculoskeletal and circulatory problems that are now popular don’t become too severe. Nordic Walking is a great help in improving your endurance. If you are otherwise trained, make it your track harder and head up the slopes for further improvement.
  2. 2. Muscle Strength: The Nordic Walking exercise works for all your muscle groups. Your feet will be heavily loaded and you’ll also be working on your thighs and buttocks by walking and climbing. You cannot neglect the movement of the arms as this is the essence of Nordic Walking sport, which is supplemented with walking sticks. So the arms work helping to progress and all the muscles in the shoulder belt are engaged in the movement, so it gets stronger and develops.
  3. 3. Joints: A sedentary lifestyle is also a major contributor to joint deterioration, so joint lubrication is getting worse and sudden strain can cause damage. Nordic Walking does a great job of moving joints and stimulating joint lubrication without any additional strain, facilitating joint movement.
  4. 4. Blood circulation: Walking stimulates blood circulation by making the blood vessels more elastic, making them more resistant.

Nordic Walking is one of the best ideas if you want to play sports or start doing some physical activity, because almost anyone can do it, male, female, old, young, even overweight. It is a kind of walking that we can do with walking sticks, which is what makes it special because it activates muscles that do not really work when walking so you can burn even more calories. It is not too high in intensity, so it is especially suitable for burning fat. And who wouldn't be good for an hour-long walk outside? In nature, your thoughts clear, your brain relaxes, you recharge and you even have your daily movement.

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