Weight control formula, for your needs – Part III

Products for individual needs – 1-2 kg excess weight


You are just a few pounds away from your best summer shape ever, still you need to make the final touches? Here we are with the last part of our article series, in which we sum up the best combination of products that will help you get shredded.

It is really hard to get rid of the fat hiding under your skin, but if you came this far, don’t you give up before the finish line! To decrease your body fat as low as possible, clean eating is essential. The expression „clean” goes for food raw material and nutritional supplements as well: try to choose high quality products with pure active ingredients, that are free from colouring and flavouring additives.

Getting ripped equals goig beyond you limits; exactly what we did when listing the products which will help you reach your goals. Let’s see them.


For building lean muscle mass you need to go further than a simple weight control formula. With a complex combination of caffeine and active herbal extracts Desert will make it happen, and finally you can say hi to your brand new six packs!

Recommended use: in the morning, before breakfast.


In order to get dry and lean muscles mass, you need to flush water out of your system. In the meantime the body’s electrolyte balance can go haywire, which can lead to cramps and tiredness. To avoid this, support your body with the Ca-Mg-Zn mineral complex.

Recommended use: between meals.

Thermo Test Elite

Thermo Test Elite is a preimum cateogry product of BioTechUSA: high dosed synergistic ingredients enclosed in capsules. The combination of active compounds, vitamins B3 and B6, DAA, and a moderate level of caffeine may help you reach the ultimate bodycompositon for summer.

Recommended use: in the morning, before breakfast.

Carni Elite

Similar to Thermo Test Elite, Carni Elite is also a premium category formula with 9 different active compound, without stimulants!

Hydro Whey Zero

Hydro Whey Zero is a pure hydrolized whey protein isolate with extremly high (92%) protein, and minimum fat and carbohydrate content. Due to the special process, called hydralisation this protein formula is easy to digest, which reults in a faster and more effective absorption.

Mix it with water and fuel your muscles with a lactose-, gluten- and sugarfree protein formula.

Recommended use: after workout.


HMB has an important role in protein synthesis since it is a metabolite of L-Leucine, a branched chain amino acid.

Recommended use: mix it with your post-workout protein powder.

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