Summer Nutrition Ideas

How you can stay healthy, quickly over the summer with BioTechUSA

Here at BioTechUSA there are always a mountain of supplements that can quickly add to your diet needs and are generally all produced with the idea of adding essential nutrition to your daily intake and to aid your training goals. There are a number of products available to you in order to start your training goals or to use alongside some well regimented workouts and these can really help to make you fitter, stronger and healthier.

But what about your need for a quick fix in your down time? What happens when you're at a festival and need to keep your protein uptake up? What if you're on holiday and you want a nutritional hit that doesn't take too long?

This week we'll be discussing the ideas that you can take on board and use within your own life and diet to try and make sure that your summer is filled with not only good times but also healthier days. These ideas can be tweaked if necessary and they can be changed to suit your own life so get creative with it and share your best ideas with us!

Big hitting ice cubes

Ice cubes can be easily forgotten; after all they're just frozen water. They can however be a really good and quick addition to your summer training. Add some BioTechUSA pre-mixed branched chain amino acids (BCAA’S) Flash Zero formula to the water and have a wicked muscled feeding ice cube stack when you get back from your morning run! This can be altered to suit tastes and needs and you could even use other supplements and vitamins depending on your training.

Frozen fruit yoghurts

I don't know of anyone who hasn't been to a restaurant and not enjoyed a tub of frozen yoghurt before. Well now you can have your own protein laden version at hand in your own home. Mix natural yoghurt with some pre-mixed BioTechUSA whey isolate protein powder and milk formula and add some freshly chopped pieces of fruit before adding to a small tub or five. Place in the freezer and eat when required either before or after training to cool down during the hotter months. These will keep for several days and add a great mix of energy and protein to your diet that is easily made and digested.

Oat so nuts about snacks

Most people enjoy snacking, fact. It is just as enjoyable to devour a full blown five star meal as it is to sit and graze upon several sugary and savoury items as you catch up with the TV or with friends. If you enjoy a snack more often than not then don't completely cut them out of your day, just make sure you are enjoying the best possible snack you can have. Why not take a BioTechUSA Oat and Nuts bar, crush it in a tea towel with a rolling pin until it is powder like in consistency. Take some large raisins, dried apricots or pineapple pieces and coat them in either coconut oil or melted butter. Sprinkle your crushed Oat and Nuts bars over the fruit pieces and place them in the fridge overnight. Once set you'll have a great healthy snack alternative that will hit you with energy and satisfy your sweet tooth through a day.

These are only ideas for you and the fun part will be to discover what you can create with the help of BioTechUSA to feed your weeks. The hot summer months will be more difficult to stick to if you are just beginning your training goals or are deep into a method of training, so make sure you have as much ammo available to yourself in order to fuel your efforts.

There are so many ways you can create quick snacks and drinks that you can store in large quantities to feed off over time. Using BioTechUSA and the wonderful products created for your usage is a sure fire way to make sure you have high quality and effective supplements keeping your going through your training and smashing your goals that you have set.

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Taeo Robinson

Taeo Robinson

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