Discovering fat burners

Taking a look at the different types of fat burner available to you.

With the summer months upon us and many of you wanting to start building your beach body or dropping a few extra pounds there is a greater need for you to get in the best possible shape so you can flaunt your newly chiselled body.

If you have a diet that is managed well and you are crushing your workout efforts but feel like you need to shift a little extra unwanted fat or shape a little more, then taking on a fat burner into your daily intake can be a great way to push you over a new threshold. It has to be said that fat burners are NOT a super supplement and they will not work without your own work continuing in the gym, on the road or in the kitchen, so take your time and choose the best possible burner for your own type of training and physical goals.

Many of you may have already looked at fat burners and how they can help you but some of you may not know the difference between the types of fat burners available to you and how best to use them within your own training goals and schedules. So let's take a look at the two main different types of burners and how they affect your body.


These fat burners are usually produced with high amounts of caffeine and other stimulants that get you working harder. The idea of these is to raise your pulse and your core temperature making your body work harder to change fat into energy and getting your metabolism working better. Because of these properties it is important that you steer clear of caffeine drinks and energy drinks because you are taking the caffeine through the burner already. It is also important that you use them before meals and in the morning and afternoon as taking them before you sleep in the evening will only contribute to a poor night's rest.

So what kind of thermogenic fat burners are there available with BioTechUSA? Here is an example:

  • Thermo Drine; This is a brilliant combination fat burner from BioTechUSA that gives you a great hit of energy from caffeine sources all through the day and improves not only your work ethic but your concentration too. Green tea extract helps to improve digestion and improve the instant breakdown of fats meaning you're transferring that into energy during your training goals. It also contains thermogenic ingredients such as L-Carnitine and chromium meaning you're attacking your bodies layers of fat from more than one angle whilst controlling your blood sugar levels.


These types of fat burner are non stimulant based formulas that are generally produced without any added caffeine or stimulant. They work by helping the breakdown of fat in the body for use as energy and also have been known to help the liver by increasing the movement of fat within your system. You can use the lipotropic range of fat burners as a good beginning step into the world of burning fat as the lack of added stimulants and caffeine means you won't have the trouble resting at night and won't have as bad a potential comedown from them.

Let's discover a fabulous BioTechUSA product that promotes natural burning.

  • Ulisses Shaper; BioTechUSA has worked alongside champion bodybuilder and athlete Ulisses to create a well rounded natural shaper. Ulisses Shaper is created with zero caffeine and zero stimulants meaning you are only taking on a specifically designed formula that uses vitamins and minerals to make your body the most functional it can be without any harmful side effects. With 4 B vitamins and folic acid you'll be entering a new phase of feeling energised and productive in your everyday life and training schedule. With more than one herbal extract, chromium and iron you'll be making sure your digestion is on track as well as your muscles and bones being in the best position possible to healthy and support your training.

Whatever your training method or goals, there is always a way to help you and your body take the next step and increase your productivity and BioTechUSA is here to help you accomplish your end goal. We have a great range of products for women and for men and we cater for those who enjoy the immediate hit of extra energy or focus and for those who feel like they need to ease into it before taking their next training step.

Take a look at the fabulous range of products and provide your training and your body with the extra tools required to smash your threshold, cut those extra pounds or lean up for the summer beach trips. The hot months are supposed to be enjoyed and nothing should stop you in enjoying your time in the sun. So get out there and create a thinner, slimmer and more defined you with our great range of fat burners. Do The Damn Thing!

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Taeo Robinson

Taeo Robinson

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