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We delve into BioTechUSA’s new L-Carnitine and Chrome supplements drink.

When you're a busy woman with work, life and relationships all taking a part of your time, it can be hard to find the time to even consider working out or getting in shape. Many people find the spare time to spend on their diets and their health almost impossible to come by in this fast paced world we all live in.

Here at BioTechUSA our aim is to try and make a healthier life and better diet the most accessible it has ever been for the focussed and dedicated. With our new range of women's supplement products called For Her we are offering the best possible and high quality products to take your busy life onto the next level and to help you on your own training journeys and life goals.

Our L-Carnitine+Chrome supplement drink is a new way for you to pack in a punch in a quick and effective manner whilst aiding your busy lifestyle and training goals with the best kind of nutritional support.

The drink itself comes in a small and easy to carry 500ml bottle and comes in three different flavours that are delicious and tasty: Grapefruit, orange and pear-apple. With one serving being mixed easily with water or even better sparkling water you can add a great hit of vitamins to your morning intake or on the go as you pursue your day ahead. Let's take a look then at what is inside;

Per serving (15ml)

  • 1050 mg of L-Carnitine Base
  • 150 mcg of Chromium
  • 7.5mg of Vitamin B5
  • Only 5 calories

With high values of vitamin B5 evident you'll have an extra burst of energy, feel better in the morning and less tired. The small amount of calories means you aren't adding to your diet unnecessary and unwanted extra calories, meaning you can focus on your healthy eating even more so.

L-Carnitine is essentially an amino acid that helps aid the forming of muscles within the body’s structure. The one thing that L-Carnitine does that sets it aside, is its ability to break down and burn fats in the body meaning you have a greater chance to burn off body fat and become slimmer. It also helps this broken down fat to be used as energy within the body, meaning you are using the unwanted fat to work harder in the gym and burning it off through the day at a quicker rate than normal.

Chromium is a metallic element that we as humans only need very little of but we need it when we are an actively healthy person because it has fantastic properties if you are trying to lose weight or tone up. Chromium is not only involved in the process of your metabolism breaking down carbohydrates and fats but it also helps the insulin working levels. This means you can help the created blood glucose to travel to your muscles making them use it for energy more effectively whilst also regulating your blood sugar levels at the same time.

As you can see the need for certain vitamins or nutrients is basic for most people but when you're trying to get healthier or are more active than normal, then reaching for a high quality product should not be put off and it can actually be a great way to enhance your results. BioTechUSA’s L-Carnitine+Chrome is a fantastic way to give you the best chance to see better results and is a simple yet massively effective way to step up your game.

Give our new range of For Her products a try and see for yourself just how effective they can be to your new training and life goals as you continue your busy schedules ahead.

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Taeo Robinson

Taeo Robinson

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