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We break down our Intra Workout For Her and how it can help you stop breaking down

We've all been there in workouts or training days. It's hot, the sweat is dripping down your face, your muscles are aching like crazy, you question whether to carry on and you're only twenty minutes into your day’s regime.

What do you do?

Many will persevere with the pain and the heat and finish their workout to substandard levels whilst some will call it time and hit the showers. Feeling overly tired or like you have spent all your energy for the session is just part of the journey of becoming fitter, faster and leaner but you don't have to feel like you've hit the wall on these occasions any longer.

BioTechUSA understands just that feeling and has designed a new product range specifically for you hard working, motivated and sometimes tired women who wish to break new boundaries and smash your training goals no matter how you are feeling.

Intra Workout For Her is a great new supplement that you can take in-between sets or cardio splits that will help you to become refreshed and help those tiring muscle groups to regroup and give you one more push toward a new you.

Intra Workout helps you by adding several key elements you will need when you're midway into a training session or lacking some of the usual effort you know you can give. With one serving containing many energising multivitamins, amino acids and zero extra carbs you can be sure of a great mid workout hit that can really boost your lifts, running and toning efforts.

Let's take a look at what is inside BioTechUSA’s Intra Workout;

Per serving (9g

  • 5 mg zinc
  • 100 mg magnesium
  • 120 mg vitamin C
  • 0.72 mg vitamin B6
  • 3,000 mg BCAA
  • 3,000 mg L-glutamine
  • 680 mg L-carnitine
  • 20 mcg chromium

With the hard hitting formula dedicating 3,000mg of branched chain amino acids to your efforts your muscles will be recovering quicker as you work them harder meaning you'll feel better sooner. The high magnesium content means your muscles will be working better, your energy levels are raised and your metabolism is working better at breaking down nutrients to give you that vital energy kick.

Intra Workout is for the woman who intends to keep working as hard in the gym as she does in her everyday life. It gives you the boost you need in the gym or on the treadmill when you think you just can't go that extra minute or those extra sets.

The powder itself mixes really well and easily with water and it comes in a fantastic flavour range from pina colada to sex on the beach cocktail flavour. The small 180g tub is a convenient and bag friendly size for you to even carry with you into the gym if you need to.

BioTechUSA understands the needs of the modern woman and knows they have goals or targets to hit just like the rest of us. This is why they have produced only the finest quality products for you to include in your regime making you confident that you are on the right track and to give you peace of mind with the ingredients involved. So add the BioTechUSA For Her range into your own lifestyle and reap the many and varied benefits of our amazing and varied products.

Get out there and smash your training and health goals with us whilst you smash this thing we all call life! Do the damn thing!

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Taeo Robinson

Taeo Robinson

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