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Exploring what our Active Woman supplement can do for you

As you have hopefully begun your new training regime and your plan is set out before you, you will no doubt be looking into what supplements are out there for you to assist your training and diet plan. BioTechUSA has a wide variety of available supplements for the healthy minded woman who is either starting a fitness journey or who is continuing her own hopefully great progress. This week we will begin to look at one of our many supplements, Active Woman and how this multivitamin can assist you to reaching your goals.

With a lot of women working hard through a typical week and putting the work in the gym or in classes with friends it can be difficult to keep a healthy balance on the inside with the correct foods or a well-balanced diet. This is why a lot of them will look towards supplements and multivitamins in order to make sure they're functioning at their very best throughout their weeks and aiding their training goals the best that they can.

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Active Woman is a complete multivitamin and mineral supplement that you can take daily with a high emphasis on aiding healthy hair, skin and nails. With over 13 vitamins in each serving Active Woman does all it can to aid your daily intake of the essential vitamins and minerals a woman needs to function at her best. Let's take a closer look at the important facts;

Per serving (2 tablets)

  • 13 Vitamins
  • 12 Minerals
  • Q10 and essential fatty acids
  • Plant extracts
  • Hyaluronic acid and collagen

With a complex vitamin formula consisting of vitamin A, B and C as well as biotin, selenium, iodine and copper you will be sure of a great influx in your system of all the essential items for great hair, nail and skin growth. Meaning you'll not only feel great but you'll look better for it as well, as Active Woman really ramps up the amount of those good vitamins you're receiving daily.

Riboflavin adds to the normal everyday metabolic process meaning you can rest assured that your extra protein intake and higher calorie values are being used effectively and you see the best results possible to your new diet. This also will help with the breakdown of any extra foods meaning you'll feel more energised and ready to get your training smashes each and every day. Vitamins E, C and B2 will all help with the aiding of fighting oxidative stress and keep you calm and balanced for the busy week ahead. Manganese and zinc also aid the protection of cells in the body meaning you're better at supplying antioxidant properties into your system when you're maybe feeling a little rundown.

As you can see from the above breakdown of BioTechUSA’s Active Woman there are many benefits to the adding of this wonderfully packed supplement to your own daily intake and to your training regime through a typical week. Why not give your own digestive system and body an extra boost of a well-rounded, produced and formulated supplement like Active Woman and start to see just what it can do for you on your own fitness and health journey!

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Taeo Robinson

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