Bulking guidelines – Part 2

Let’s look at the 5 most popular mass gainers in detail!

Bulking products are food supplements with a high carbohydrate content and a variable protein content. The mass gainers of BioTechUSA contain 0–35% protein. In addition to protein and carbohydrate they may also contain creatine (even many different types), added amino acids, digestive enzymes, plant extracts and vitamins. Let’s look at the 5 most popular mass gainers in detail!

CarboX strictly speaking, it is a carbohydrate mix. It contains five carbohydrates with different absorption features, therefore your blood sugar level will remain balanced after workout. It is recommended to complement a creatine regimen in place of glucose, and thus enable a better utilisation of creatine. You can use it to supplement your protein shake after workout if you know how many carbohydrates your body requires.

Muscle Massthis product already contains protein (11 different types!), a complex carbohydrate matrix (PentaCarb – 5 different carbohydrates) to replenish the glycogen storage of your muscles. It is a perfect product to start with. Even though it doesn’t contain creatine, it is ideal for those who are finding it extremely difficult to build muscles and need the right calorie quantity. Of course, it wouldn’t do any harm if you complemented this product with some creatine.

HyperMass 5000 it is a real “all-in-one” formula. This is a perfect choice for everyone!

CarboHex is a carbohydrate matrix consisting of 6 components with 4 different kinds of creatine and 5 types of protein to help your quest in building muscles! This is my personal favourite. Even when I was only a customer at the BioTechUSA stores, this was the first product that I purchased!

After I wouldn't really call this a mass gainer, because it has a different role when compared with Muscle Mass or Hyper Mass. It is recommended to be taken after workout (as the name suggests) and it contains carbohydrates, amino acids, creatine and vitamins, as well. I'd rather call it a preparation drink that tunes your body in the protein shake afterwards.

Brutal Gainer this product – as the name suggests – is indeed BRUTAL! Both in terms of content and serving size.

  • A serving contains 50 g beef protein (FIFTY GRAMS!) – a mix of whey and proteins!
  • It contains 94g carbohydrate per serving!
  • added creatine, which is the BRUTAL CRE-ATP formula.
  • glutamine formula that consists of 5 components!
  • BRUTAL BLOX amino acid complex
  • BRUTAL BOOSTER formula

Now, that is quite something! It has an amazing taste, and it will bring the expected result – it will be the best part of your day when you can sip this heavenly drink! In the last 5 years or so I have been helping people to find the best food supplement for them, and Brutal Gainer has always been a success story! Where other products failed, Brutal Gainer did the job very well!

Serving recommendations:

There are different recommendations on each product label as to how many grams “one serving” actually is, so the customer is right when they ask advice from the nutritionist expert as to what to take in, in what quantities and how.

I’ll try to share my two cents with you.


If you are doing a creatine treatment, I recommend 10–20 grams of CarboX to complement it. If you want some carbohydrate in your protein shake after workout, then take 20–30 g.

Muscle Mass:

Go ahead and dissolve 100 grams Muscle Mass in water. It contains less than 7 sugar cubes’ worth carbohydrate, which is slightly more than the sugar content of a 500ml bottle Ken Block energy drink.

If it is not training day, then divide the above portion into two parts and consume it whenever you feel like it! You eat a lot, yet the kilogrammes are still lacking? On training days drink 50 g in addition to the after workout serving, and you can take 3 x 50 g during the day!

Hyper Mass:

Put 100 g in the shaker, once you have done your exercise for the day! If you find it difficult to grow then add another half a portion, and if you decide to drink a shake on rest days, make it 3 x 50 g for the right distribution!


Drink 21 grams immediately after workout! Then take a shower, change and by then there will be room for your protein shake! On rest days take one serving at some point during the day.

Brutal Gainer:

It very rare that I don’t recommend the increase of the portion, but this time it is different. If you are under 90 kg then don’t take more than 100 g! On rest days the maximum I would suggest is 2 x 50g, but if your weight is very volatile (like in my case), then I wouldn’t advise to take a full serving of Gainer after workout.

The 150 g powder becomes thick as a pudding when mixed with water, if there is any room left for water in the bottle! In addition, it contains a lot of sugar, which is a huge kick for the body and the immense amount of protein (50 g) is going to be heavy for your stomach! When it comes to Gainer my recommended serving is 50 g + 100 g.

Don’t care whether others think it is weird that you don’t take a whole serving – you are the one doing it right! It would be too burdensome for your body to make it process 50 g protein after workout. You will be able to take more servings then. A package will also last longer. And the effect will be even more spectacular!


You simply cannot get bored with it! Always take it with water. It absorbs faster. You really take in as many calories and nutrients as indicated on the packaging! We are not kittens to be drinking milk!

But once again, let me reiterate that all BioTech USA products consists of safe and carefully selected ingredients that originate from controlled sources and none of our products contain any illegal active ingredient.

I hope you found this article useful. So hit the gym and drink your shake!

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