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A look into Biotech USA’s HYPER MASS 5000 and its benefits to your training

With our in-depth look last week on the breakdown of BCAA’s and how best to use them if you are sports player, this week we shall continue to to look at how best to supplement your training with specific supplements.

We’ll look at how the supplements in question benefit your training and goals and how you can utilise them to maximise the results you see. We’ll discuss the way they fit in with your sports specific training and how they can help your body to grow and to maintain your best possible sporting physique.


When training and trying to be in the best shape possible there is an emphasis on gaining the required calories through each day for your body to keep growing in the correct manner. A high calorie diet can be hard to keep at a constant alongside a rigorous training regime, and some people find there are not enough hours in the day in order to get the amount of food into your system that a 5000 or a 6000 calorie diet needs. Whilst this is an obvious worry for some there are ways that you can supplement your dietary needs and aid your intake and this would be through using the correct supplements alongside your physical efforts in the gym and on the field.

Everyone will be aiming for the highest quality protein loaded diet they can intake whilst keeping the fatty foods and the extra unhelpful carbs down also.

With the high intensity workload in the gyms, together with your training methods and your extreme efforts, you’ll need all the recovery proteins and energising carbs you can get your hands on. You’ll be aiming for a supplement high in quality protein, low in fats and with an increase in amino acids and creatine where possible. Thankfully there is one such supplement that encapsulates all these into one direct intake of quality nutrition.

Hyper Mass 5000

BioTechUSA’s HYPER MASS 5000 will benefit you if you’re struggling to pack in all the required feeding of extra calories through a typical day. This gainer is made up of the best proteins, complex carbs, amino acid formula and creatine mix you could wish for in one serving.

With BioTechUSA’s superior mix of 3250mg of creatine monohydrate you are sure to pack on the size you need to run people over from a ruck or swat away the winger in your way along the touchline. Add to this the complex formula of over 17 different amino acids in per serving and you’ll be getting the required balance of muscle repairing agents before and after each heavy training session you have in the week ready for the weekend’s game efforts.

With an incredibly low fat content for a day’s intake of under 3g and the chance to add just under 500 calories to your daily fuel, the HYPER MASS 5000 is a great way to influx your system with some great quality supplements and nutrition in just one swift shake.

With four different flavours you can switch up the taste for your liking and take it at differing times of the day. The caramel cappuccino flavour could be introduced to you morning routine and be a good way to prep for a hard morning workout . The chocolate flavour can be used as a pudding alternative after a high intensity training session and your meal afterwards. Used alongside your already high quality protein intake from your diet, varied meals and protein supplements, you should find that HYPER MASS 500 is the perfect next logical step if you want to cross into a new threshold training or playing wise and you should begin to see new goals and targets on and off the field be smashed.

So miss the scrum from the shops, order online with ease and grab your power packed tub of HYPER MASS 500 to aid your development on the field. You’ll see the great benefits soon enough and you’ll stay one step ahead in the gym and also on the pitch as you hit harder, lift higher and sprint further than before.

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Taeo Robinson

Taeo Robinson

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