Bulking guidelines – Part 1

Now let’s briefly examine what bulking means and who it is recommended to and why.


Bulking sounds very intimidating, there is a lot of rumour around it, and it’s a parents’ nightmare to find a mass gainer product in the room of their child.

Yet, there is no reason to worry. It is much better to find such products than empty bottles of alcoholic drinks, cigarettes or illegal performance enhancers!

Now let’s briefly examine what bulking means and who it is recommended to and why.

Your nutritional needs will increase when you start working out. During exercise your muscles are injured, your nutrient storage is depleted, your joints are under a bigger load. Your body desperately seeks to take in as many nutrients as possible and even more when the next stressful event comes so it would be able to tackle the situation much more easily (supercompensation).

To put it simple: if you want to grow muscles, you must give a bigger push to your body, need to eat more than average and this way your body can handle the excess muscle strain.


  • bulking products are food supplements with a high carbohydrate content and a variable protein content. The mass gainers of BioTechUSA contain 0–35% protein.
  • in addition to protein and carbohydrate they may also contain creatine (even many different types), added amino acids, digestive enzymes, plant extracts and vitamins.

It is recommended if you:

  • do heavy physical labour, are an athlete or if you find it difficult to gain mass or take in large quantities of calories in a short period of time.
  • my recommendation is not to use mass gainer products under the age of 12 and even then only when it is necessary, and quantities should be adjusted to the weight of the child!

What are the benefits?

  • Quick calorie and nutrient intake after workout; it can replace a meal and it makes bulking more efficient.
  • you don’t have to mix the ingredients that you want to take in
  • you don’t have to buy 6–7 different products (unless it’s Outlet Day)

How should you use them?

  • It depends on you. We usually recommend one serving to be taken after workout, but if someone finds it very difficult to grow then they may take two servings, divided in many smaller parts.

What can you expect from a mass gainer?

  • it won’t do a miracle.
  • if you train and eat on a regular basis, it will help the regeneration and the growth of your muscle mass.

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