Fuelling Your Workouts

Using extra energy supplements when training to maximise your efforts.

Many people can struggle to get that extra 50% in their workouts when they really need it and as a result their workouts tend to plateau at certain points meaning they cannot get the kind of lifts in they want or see the results they really want. Similarly you can begin to feel like the week is draining you physically and you have a higher sense of fatigue on days where you’d be normally full of energy. If you don’t know the available solutions in the supplement world or even the extra training methods out there then you can begin to hit a bit of a brick wall in your training regime and feel at a loss as to how to change things up.

So what can be done if you’ve experienced this feeling of fatigue or like your training methods are not meeting your goals or targets anymore?

There are plenty of products out on the market that offer a pre workout kick but can come with a huge crash afterwards if you aren’t careful. If you are going to purchase an added energy kick for your workouts then you need to be sure that you’re giving your body nothing but top grade A supplement with added health benefits. BioTechUSA offers such products and this week we’ll run down exactly what they can do for you in your time of need and what they offer per serving either before a workout or during your training.

Carbox is a flavoured carbohydrate complex that is made up of 5 forms of carbs with the aim to add a much needed boost to your training efforts. It is easily added to your protein intake before a workout and packs a punch with 50g of extra carbs per serving to fuel your training. Add to this over 800KJ of energy and you should be ready to smash your next exercise and up your lifts within 15-30 minutes.

What makes Carbox unique is the Palatinose it contains that helps to lower the blood glucose spike after consumption. This means that your body won’t be trying as hard to reduce your glucose levels and get back to normality after training. Too much of a rise in your blood glucose can lead to a massive crash after training and leads to your body working harder in order to come back down to earth and level out again.

Another ideal product that BioTechUSA offers that you can use for an energy kick before or during workouts is the GO Energy bar. This mixed carbs bar made with 300mg of the amino acid L-Carnitine and containing 8 vitamins will really add some much needed boost to your performance, whether you’re biking another 5 miles or lifting that extra set of heavy weights. With over 25g of carbs per serving and 3g of protein you’ll get a high quality hit of energy and muscle feeding nutrition in a small packet.

The possibilities of fuelling your training with one of BioTechUSA’s high quality products are endless and they offer something for everyone no matter what your training goals are or your performance levels. If you think it’s going to be hard to energise yourself in a correct and simple way then think again and take a look at what’s available out there to take you past that sticking point and into new territories. Don’t be afraid to try new supplements and make sure you switch up your training efforts with new exercises and varying levels of difficulty and movement in order to keep the body guessing but most importantly, Do The Damn Thing!!!

Written by:

Taeo Robinson

Taeo Robinson

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