When is it recommended to take creatine?

What should you combine creatine with? In what sports is it especially useful to take creatine?

If there is a specific time when creatine should be taken, probably the best time is after workout since this is when the fast and effective replenishment of the energy reserves is the most important.

If you take creatine in portions, you should consume one portion before and after workout. During loading or when you take creatine in 4 portions, then besides before and after workout, you should consume the other two portions with two of your meals.

What should you combine creatine with?

Creatine is best combined with carbohydrate, which for example is already included in Crea Trans. But if you choose creatine without carbohydrates, you should supplement it with Carbox in order to reach the best effect. During a diet this should be disregarded and you should look for a sugar-free solution such as Crea Flash, which contains an energising complex in a different form.

It really boosts your training if you use energisers such as Super Nova with your creatine. You should pay attention when you set the servings that the arginine and caffeine content wouldn’t be too high if you opt for a creatine that already includes caffeine.

Don’t forget the protein shake at the end of the training to help muscle regeneration, since you made it work hard with that creatine! To avoid a clash of flavours, choose creatine in capsules.

In what sports is it especially useful to take creatine?

According to research creatine supplementation enhances performance in sports that include repetitive moves and are high intensity activities. Therefore, it has an excellent effect on sprinters, long jumpers and high jumpers, swimmers, weight lifters and bodybuilders. It is also useful in other sports where similar activities are done during training and preparation, such as among triathletes, runners, cyclists, people in teams sports who do sprints and interval trainings.

Is creatine useful for someone who doesn’t do any sports?

Yes, it is recommended for several reasons, even when combined with other active ingredients. Research has shown that creatine consumption stimulates the brain and it delays mental fatigue. It can also be combined with ginkgo biloba or any other supplements with arginine that also boosts the effect of creatine. In the research young people were administered 5-20 g creatine for 5 to 15 days.

Different research has also been carried out with creatine among people suffering from depression or diabetes, and the results are very promising.

When studying the effects of creatine consumption in women after menopause researchers found that there were significant improvements in bone density among ladies who did weight-lifting three times a week while taking creatine, compared with others who didn’t take it.


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