Supplementing your diet for lean muscle

We look at what supplements to use to gain lean muscle in addition to your diet


With your diet now hopefully turned around and all the bad foods you were eating thrown out the window, we take a look at how best to supplement your diet with the best products available to grow lean muscle.

By now you should be eating and drinking much better and have a well rounded diet that consists of high protein and low fats. So what extra steps can you take to make sure your training efforts are maximised and what will help you grow that lean muscle in the best way?

Sports supplements are used for people who train and want that extra boost of a certain nourishment or food in order to gain their own goals. They are to be taken alongside your healthy diet and not to replace foods or meals as you won't see the best effects from them if you aren't eating correctly alongside your training regime.

There are many supplements to include in your daily intake and they all offer different things depending on what you want from your training efforts. Let's take a look at what is available to you if you are trying to add lean muscle to your frame whilst training.

Whey Isolate

Whey protein powders come in many forms and can help with the rebuilding of your broken muscle fibres after a training session. The best one to try and consume whilst aiming for lean muscle is whey isolate. This is a protein that is derived from the purest forms of amino acids and processed with little else in its make up meaning you get the finest rebuilding properties from it. Avoid extra carbs where you can aim for a very low carb count in whichever isolate you choose, below is an example from BioTechUSA’s Iso Whey Zero and shows the kind of lean protein formula you'll be aiming for when taking this;

Per 25g

  • Calories - 94
  • Fat - 0.23g
  • Carbs - 0.45g (of which sugars 0.45g)
  • Protein - 22g

As you can see from the above example there is a high amount of protein available per serving and almost zero fat and unwanted extra carbs. This formula means that you are rebuilding your muscle frame with the highest possible amount of protein available per serving which means your muscles will feed after and before training with the best possible food and nutrients.

Protein bars

Alongside eating well and supplementing with a protein powder you may find snacking before training a troubling effort. To get the right amount of energy between meals and before training but without unwanted fats and carbs can be a difficult task. Snacking correctly is sometimes a time consuming effort and can lead to the occasional sweet tooth lapse and bad eating habits. Protein bars such as BioTechUSA's Zero Bar add a valuable energy kick and high amounts of protein to your system before training times and to your day if you feel a hunger pan come along. The mix of low fats and essential amino acids alongside needed carbs for energy makes for a great combination.

Per 50g serving

  • Calories - 188
  • Protein - 22.5g
  • Carbs - 6g
  • Sugar - 0g
  • Fat - 7.5g
  • Fibre - 6g

With zero sugars the Zero Bar is a great and effective way to add muscle to your frame when training and keep your diet in check with your requirements for low sugar and fats if you are snacking between meals.

Branched Chain Amino Acids

Whilst training and working out your body will be breaking down protein building amino acids and repair the muscles mass with acids gained from eating. The intake of amino acids can be gained from supplements like protein powders and bars but it is also key to replace and load your body with branched chain aminos (BCAA’S). These will serve as an essential form of rebuilding tools for your body and can be delivered in large quantities with several available supplement packages.

With the above supplements you'll be sure to add some very high quality lean muscle and help your muscles rebuild effectively during your training regime. If you follow the healthier diet plan and cut out the bad and fatty, sugary foods you'll be onto a good start. Add to that a new emphasis on loading your diet with high protein supplements and you'll be onto a really good journey that should result in your training efforts showing much more lean muscle and definition to your frame. Be sure to hit your training hard and rebuild and refuel where you can with your chosen supplements.

Remember to get out there and ‘Do The Damn Thing!’

Written by:

Taeo Robinson

Taeo Robinson

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