What Does It Take To Keep A 6 Pack?

There are 3 steps to this Jag.


You know the transformation photos you see pop up online all of the time? That’s what most people look like for about a week, it’s very rare that you find someone who stays in shape all of the time. We spend so much time seeking how to get the result, but we don’t spend enough time thinking about how you stay there once you get there. It’s like trying really hard to earn $1Million, with no plan on how you’re going to protect that wealth. It’s a good idea to think about that today before you even get there, so you get to keep that shape. There are 3 steps to this Jag.

Energy Control

The thing which gets you shredded is the consistent survival in measured energy deficit which lets you keep your muscle but burns away the fat which covers them. This has to be something you still do to stay there, with a few small changes. To maintain your 6 pack you don’t need to be in an energy deficit, you need to be in a neutral energy balance so you’re maintaining. This will be different for different people but your calories will probably be 10-15% higher than your shredding diet to find that neutral balance.

Keep Your Routine

The routine which got you the results is the one you need to adopt, permanently. This is referring to your meal prep habits, cardio, training and food choices. It’s really common for people to go on a big blow out after they’ve got shredded which sees them lose their results in a matter of weeks, crazy! Keep the same routine which got you the results, you already know it works and habits are the important bit. 

Find The Balance

So you’re going to want to eat some junk from time to time no doubt, so look to find that balance early on. There’s no secret about the fact that once you’re shredded it’s much easier to stay lean, even with more treats in your diet because you’re hormonally optimised to burn this energy off quickly. Fit the numbers into your calorie targets and keep your energy balance, try not to opt for food like this more than twice a week once you’re shredded.

That’s how you maintain!


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