Make These 4 Adjustments

If you make these 4 adjustments it’s not going to take long for you to make that jump up to the next level.

Making progress is all about knowing how to make adjustments when you need to, and realising when you’ve done something for long enough and now it is time to take things a bit more seriously. This is your time to step up from a regular gym guy to somebody who turns heads in the gym, and becomes that person who people ask for advice.

If you make these 4 adjustments it’s not going to take long for you to make that jump up to the next level. 

Increase Training Regularity

Lots of men usually lift 4 times a week which works, but it doesn’t work as well as 5-6 times a week. There’s a definite change which happens when you go from a reasonable frequency to high frequency. You get lots of adaptive stress, your muscle matures differently and you stay lean all year without really trying too hard. It becomes more about eating enough to get ready for your next workout rather than holding your food back. Build-up to lifting 6 times a week and see how that goes for you. 

Change Your Training Style

Don’t just stay with one style of training every week, you will stop growing very quickly like this. Every 4-6 weeks introduce something new, maybe you do HIT for 4 weeks, then GVT for the next 4 weeks. The main thing is understanding that to keep on getting more muscle you have to keep changing things, so your muscle doesn’t plateau (I’m actually sending you an email in 2 day’s time all about beating plateaus).

Weigh Your Food

The difference between a guy who looks OK and one who looks great is in the detail, like weighing your food every day. Statistically you’re likely to be about 30% out when guessing your food for the day, so you best start getting the scales out and making a real effort here. Like magic you will start getting bigger because you’re actually getting the right level of food. 

Prioritise Sleep

Sleep is so under rated, I swear people don’t believe me when I say that your sleep can make all the difference but it is true. If you sleep badly then your hormone system suffers and your water balance can also change. These things really matter when you’re trying to make the leap from good to great.


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