Why should you take food supplements?

There are many misconceptions about food supplements, which can make you fairly sceptical.


It is important to understand that the tested and continuously monitored food supplements from safe sources are not harmful, but they are part of the everyday diet in developed countries. Of course, it must be mentioned that food supplements will NOT replace a healthy and adeaquate diet, but they can complement your meals to help you achieve your goals and keep you healthy!

1. It cannot be emphasized enough that the nutrient content of food has been gradually decreasing due to the different manufacturing procedures and pollutions, etc. This refers to only fruit that you pick from the tree, and we haven’t tackled faulty processing technologies, for example overcooking, food soaked in oil, which also results in the loss of necessary nutrients.

2. Food supplements also play an important role in preventing and combating civilisation diseases. It is very important to take in a high quantity of protein, calcium and vitamin D if you are suffering from osteoporosis. In case of high cholesterol level you should consider taking Omega 3, and if you want to lose weight, complement your diet with CLA, thermogenic fat burner and l-carnitine, etc.

3. An important characteristic of food supplements is that they don’t contain excess nutrients. For example, a protein source does not contain saturated fats or carbohydrates. Food supplements are clean nutrients with calories that are easy to calculate, therefore they can be used in the preparation of different meals, for example when you need extra protein. You can use food supplements even for the preparation of low calorie cakes. It is an excellent dietary supplement irrespective whether you want to lose or gain weight.

4. The nutritional needs of athletes are much bigger than that of an average person. It refers to not only professional sportspeople, but also to people who exercise on a daily basis. The daily nutrient intake can only partially cover the increased need, especially when it comes to protein need or when you want to improve your muscles, stamina or change your shape.

5. Regular nutrition and the offer you find in grocery stores cannot meet the nutritional needs of professional sportspeople. It is impossible to increase your strength without taking in an adequate amount of creatine or arginine – that properly dilates the veins and gets your muscles pumped.

6. Non adequate quality or irregular eating is a strain on your digestion system. Nowadays many people suffer from gastrointestinal problems, which can be greatly helped by the prime quality nutrients found in food supplements.

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