Robin Balogh, now IFBB PRO Athlete, was also once a beginner!

Robin shares with you his thoughts and experience starting his fit life.


Since I was a little child, I have always been doing sports and not only I’m really grateful for it but I also think every person should do some kind of sports or exercises at least 2-3 times a week. Your body is not made for sitting in a chair or laying on a couch the whole day... It is not just unhealthy, but also makes you a lazy person without any wellness goals!

You don’t have to start doing the heaviest exercises or running 4-5 kilometers at once... first just wake up every morning drink a protein shake or a protein cappuccino, then go for an easy 40 minutes’ walk. After that eat a healthy breakfast, like eggs with oatmeal, take the important vitamins and minerals and have a BCAA drink! You will feel at once that you are much more powerful and motivated the entire day and it’s also good for your mind!

When you feel that you are capable to take the “getting fit” project to another level, buy a membership to a gym! Start exercising with weights but don’t quit doing cardio! Hire somebody who can help you to learn how to exercise correctly and gives you knowledge about nutrition and supplements.

Advice for those who just started their workout/bulking:

If you are a beginner, the first thing will be to learn how to train each muscle groups and find the muscle-brain connection. Don’t start with heavy weights! Use light weight and do the exercise correctly! When you feel your brain is perfectly connected to the muscle group that you workout, and you got that great pump, you can start working with heavier weights and try out the dropsets!

After some time you will be able to find out what exercises are working the best for you, and you will make amazing progress in the first years.

If you just started your bulking season, take this advice: Set up a meal plan that is high in carbs, protein, and healthy fats. Bulking doesn’t mean that you can eat anything anytime! From junk food you cannot build quality mass, only from good sources!

What is good source?

  • For proteins: Lean beef, chicken/turkey, fish (salmon is highly recommended), egg whites and protein supplements like Iso Whey Zero.
  • For carbs: Potato, sweet potato and off course rice! As fats the best solution is salmon and raw nuts.

Use heavy weights on workouts, do dropsets! Your workout shouldn’t be long but very intensive. I am usually done in 1 hour and feel totally destroyed. Build up a workout program according to you body, under this i mean you should focus on the muscle groups that are weaker and train them more often than the stronger ones.

One last tip, use creatine and natural testosterone boosters for gaining strength and size!

Robin Balogh

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