How to select ingredients for a diet?

When you want to eat healthily you must pay attention not only to the calorie intake, but also to the quality of your food.

The selection of adequate carbohydrate sources is very important, because 200 kcal of brown rice, white bread or vegetables do not result in the same effect.

How should we prevent overeating that originates from a volatile blood sugar level?

If you want to ensure a stable blood sugar level, you must choose basic ingredients with a higher fibre content. Such ingredients will keep your blood sugar level more stable, thus you can avoid the sudden carbohydrate hunger, concentration problems resulting from a volatile blood sugar level and the constant craving for snacks. These high fibre ingredients are brown rice, buckwheat, millet, wholemeal cereal products, wholemeal bread and pasta. Besides that, you should eat some vegetables for each meal.

The least processed the better

You should choose food as natural as possible. On the one hand the excessive consumption of additives is unhealthy, but your body can also get used to flavourings and flavour enhancers, possibly resulting in some craving and overeating. The most ideal solution would be to get the vegetables and cereals from your own garden, and consume only meat of animals raised in your backyard. Unfortunately, that is not a viable solution for most people. Therefore, you should get your vegetables, fruit and green spices from small farmers, because this way you can still enjoy the natural aroma and flavour harmony of your food.

Take digestion time into consideration

The extent of how processed your food is will affect digestion time. Digestion is the slowest when you chew on raw food. Grated food, consumed in small pieces requires less time to process. Heat treatment speeds up the digestion process, which of course depends on whether the vegetable is still crispy or you cooked it very soft.

However, if you haven't been eating raw vegetables regularly, don't start by eating raw food three times a day, because you can very easily become bloated. Leave time for your body to get used to it, follow a more gradual approach.

Meat products

Buy meat from breeders or at least seek to purchase excellent quality meat. Not many people are aware of the fact that sausages and cold cuts are not the best choice. Study the packaging and the label and you will see that these products contain a lot of hidden fat. You can easily prepare very delicious chicken or turkey ham if you season it with green spices and prepare it in the oven.

In the next article you will learn how you can compile a good and healthy diet. Until then, enjoy your shopping and label browsing!

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