Choose your goals wisely

Making sure your new year's goals are spot on

Hopefully you've had the chance to review the year that has passed and you can see where you have come from and how you have progressed. This phase is certainly one that you should be taking part in as you can track how well you have performed and you can critique your lower points along your training journey.

So what's next in your programme? How do you see the new year and how does it relay to your training goals ahead?

The new year should be a time of freshness. There should be an approach of newness to not just one aspect of your life and training but to all the aspects of your current lifestyle and your training regime. You should be realistic with the goals you set yourself as well as try to challenge those things that have become easier or mundane within your training and your lifestyle.

Time management

When you think of the year ahead you should of course include monthly targets for your training but try not to overdo it with the amount. Focus on one thing each month you wish to see progress and aim for the absolute completion of that goal or target before thinking of other things. For example if by the end of February you wish to have gained 7lbs of mass during your bulk then focus on only that. Alternatively if you want to strip your best 200m time of two seconds then focus on that completely.

You will undoubtedly come across challenge along the way during these individual goals and it about adapting your training to counteract such changes.

Be flexible

When training to complete a goal or challenging your current lifestyle there are bound to be unforeseen circumstances crop up that can spoil your efforts. These are simply hurdles in life and you should aim to work even harder to overcome them and to see just how great you are at overcoming difficulty.

It could be an injury setback in your training that knocks you for six weeks or it could be a new diet plan that hasn't gone the way you wished for. The key is to always be ready to make the reasonable changes so that you remain on top of your game and in command of what you want to achieve. Do not be afraid to change your new year goals and be ready to accept the necessary changes when they arrive to meet them head on just like any other repetition in the gym or another lap around the track.

Variety is the spice of life

Keeping your lifestyle fresh is always key to being successful and this runs from the weight racks, to the swimming pool and from the kitchen to the people you surround yourself with.

Keep your body and mind as fresh as possible because becoming stagnant with training and your lifestyle will lead to failure or feeling like you haven't achieved what you wanted, even if you are still working harder than ever. Incorporate new training techniques within your schedule to keep the body guessing. This is when your body responds best and can be a good tool to use when you want to see some results quicker.

Surround yourself with different people where possible. We all know the same guys and girls in the gym who have our backs for that one hour or so when you're lifting but who can enrich your mind and your life when you're away from the training regime? Mix up your circles of friends and accomplices to keep your mind open and to continue to learn new things. You may just find a new way of living that will make you see things in a completely new light, which can only be a good thing.

Celebrate your goals being conquered

When setting goals and targets it can become quite oblivious to some people that the need is there for you to actually mark your completion of a goal. The moment of completion of one of your goals or targets is a good enough feeling for some to leave it that however it has to be recognised in the proper way.

If you love a cheat meal then give yourself a day of feasting to celebrate your accomplishment or go get your favourite people together and enjoy life for an evening with good company. Why not take a break from the training schedule and relax with a short break somewhere to just take a load off and really take stock of what you've managed to do.

Whatever you do and however you want to recognise your own achievements just make sure that it is something you are able to fit in. It's vital you have the breathing space to be able to see what you've done before you go again onto the next goal.

The above items should be helpful with your new year goals setting and should see not only your training improve but also your outlook on where you are going with your chosen lifestyle. Keep an open mind with not just your training but your life circles and remain upbeat and focused on the overall goal you wish to see happen. Positivity is always key in any walk of life and with a busy and hectic schedule it can be difficult to remain positive but with the right attitude, planning and reflective nature you can turn the new year into a success in all areas.

Written by:

Taeo Robinson

Taeo Robinson

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