Getting started with Ulisses's tips from Shredded effect

The more obstacles you address upfront the less likely it is they can stop you, so we’re just planning ahead right here.


Getting results is all about action so I’ve gone ahead and created a list of things you need to do before you start “The Shredded Effect” so that there’s nothing in your way. You might have some of these things covered, but I’m just making sure. The more obstacles you address upfront the less likely it is they can stop you, so we’re just planning ahead right here.

How to do the grocery shopping?

Diet is something which you’ve got to get right, and in this guide you’ve got every last meal laid out perfectly for you so you’ve got no worries there. However, the number one reason guys like you fall off their diet is because their preparation is lacking. There’s not enough of the right groceries in the house so they end up choosing something off plan, or not eating at all.


This is such an easy thing to avoid, just by preparing yourself. So once you’ve gone through this guide and seen the diet section, please go straight to the grocery store and get all of the food in that you’ll be needing. Read more, buy my ebook - Ulisses

Clear them out!

To make room for the incoming groceries which you need for this intensive transformation you’re about to go under, you need to clear out all of the food you don’t need in the house. If you’ve got food in the house which isn’t going to be on your plan, the easiest thing for you to do is remove it.

Of course, being a father of 2 amazing young boys I understand the food cupboards aren’t just there for you.

So in this case have that cupboard where “off limit” foods are kept, this way you’ll never need to go in there, for yourself at least. Even better still, make this new chapter in your life deeper than getting shredded yourself.

The main difference in your diet is going to be eating healthier, more wholesome food. There’s nothing wrong with sharing that with your loved ones, in fact it’s a true act of love and care because it’ll only make them healthier. I’m not saying you put your wife and kids on a diet, I’m just saying by enjoying healthy food together, you become a healthier family. I’m always trying to teach my boys about the value of a healthy diet…

Read more, buy my ebook - Ulisses

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