Christmas countdown

Taking stock of your year’s efforts

With the year almost at an end and the cold months coming in fast, it is the perfect time for you to consider just how far you have come. Many people will have a lot of free time away from work this festive period and with this free time it's a fantastic way to sit back and see the progress you have made through the last year.

We all know that Christmas is for enjoying time with family and making the most of time with loved ones but there is one person you should be loving more than most… Yourself!

During a busy season of family and goodwill to all, there is a definite focus on others but there should be one on yourself too. Take this time of the year to stop and really consider where you've come from in your fitness life and with your training goals. Hopefully along the way you've been keeping track of your physical progress with pictures, notes and training records including best lifts. Use your free time over the Christmas break to reflect on how you've advanced with your training and mark your progress during the weeks. Make sure to acknowledge the moments where you really upped the lifts and the results and be sure to note why you think that happened at that moment in time.

Using this reflective look means you can possibly use the same the techniques and training methods in your schedule for the following year.

Taking notes of your progress is a great way to plan for the future and point out where you can keep growing as a trainer and as a person. Looking back at calorie intakes and lifting weights records can really help when you plan for the future months and what you want to achieve down the line. Why train any less than what you have before when you have the physical evidence that you can go that bit further or lift that much more during your training regime? Aim to beat what you did the previous year and recognise your limits with your training.

Taking a mark of the high points is always good but make sure to also look at how your training maybe sometimes stalled or if there were times you didn't perform as expected. Critiquing your own performance is just as important as recognising your achievements as you should be able to point out exactly why you have failed at a certain time. This can really fire your future training up and can become a great inspiration to you down the line with your own goals.

Lastly you should try to obviously keep on top of being the best shape possible during the festive period and remain as healthy as you can with your diet and your training habits. Try to understand how your body feels and you should know if you aren't pulling the same levels in as you were before your break so get to know your body and make sure you're still active despite being out of your normal weekly routine. You should know your body and how it feels on a daily basis, so if you're feeling sluggish at all then be sure to get your gym kit or get your running shoes on and go make a difference when you are feeling a little shabby.

Next week we'll look at the best way to eat over the festive period and how you can still bulk without eating copious amounts of mince pies and whipped cream and the best way to stay on board with you potential bulking phase and your calorie controlled diet.


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