Supplementing your bulks

How best to use supplements during a bulk

When you are carrying out a bulking phase there is a need and a tendency to increase your calorie intake and your eating habits. The essential part of a bulk with your diet is that you increase your food and nutrient intake drastically as to gain as much protein and energy as possible alongside your higher amount of volume training. This will fuel your body's need for more energy and should see your body respond by packing on the muscle and some considerable size also.

So with this increased intake of food, alongside your training, many people can find it immensely difficult to cram the larger amount of calories and meals into a day's work. This week we will look at how best to supplement your bulk with the appropriate supplement products and look at how you can keep your bulking phase going in the long run with the right products and nutrient upgrades.

If you struggle to combine the protein intake from supplements alongside eating regularly, then supplementation could be for you. Products such as BioTechUSA’s Hyper Mass 5000, which aids the development of carb loading and adding high value quality protein throughout the day. These kind of supplements are key if you find it hard to cram in the calories needed for a successful bulk to take place. There are however ways to take in supplements over a day and over a month and then there are correct ways to take them in to keep the bulk going.

Try to take in one of these complete protein powders in the afternoon and after your workout to fuel your body at an optimum level for your training needs. Depending on your training schedule it is up to you as to when you take the two during the day but space them so your body has the gap to process the nutrients. A good tip alongside this all in one is to increase your fuelling when taking in a whey protein or an isolated form in the morning or the evening. As a tip that I recommend why not try adding some roasted porridge oats to your morning shake as to bump up the energy levels within it and to really start your day with a bang. Adding a teaspoon or two of coconut oil will not only make your shake taste better but also the adding of the oil will aid the breakdown of the oats down the line and this is a great way of helping your body's joints and bones stay supple with an extra hit of essential oils and fats.

If your day looks like the following then you should be onto a good thing with your bulking season and your training regime overall;



  • Protein shake with oats and nut butter (any type)
  • Scrambled egg (x4) on one brown toast


  • Protein bar mid morning


  • All in one shake post workout


  • Grilled chicken breast (x2) with sweet potatoes and steamed veg


  • Boiled egg (x2) with cottage cheese pot


  • Tuna steak with brown pasta and vegetables


  • All in one protein shake

Possible snack time

Pre-bed drink

  • Protein shake with scoop of casein, oats and oils

This represents an ideal day of heavy intake of higher grade proteins and complex carbohydrates that should see your body being fuelled the correct way throughout your regime. If you get the right amount of calories and energy into your body then your new training regime should see you pack on the size correctly whilst burning off the majority of the excess fats successfully.

Aim high with your training goals and just remember that your eating goals should also increase heavily when on a bulking period. Without feeding yourself correctly you can lift the hardest you ever have in the gym but the physical results won't be there for you to see. Feed yourself correctly and aim for between 4-7 meals a day packed with protein and carbohydrates and focus on the recovery period also at night by adding casein and oils and multivitamins in order to aid your regeneration process along the way.


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