Jenő Kiss prepares for Mr. Olympia

In this interview Jenő shares details about his training, diet and dietary supplements


You returned to the world of bodybuilders after 10 years. Why did you decide to be on the stage again?

I never lost my love, the buzz for this sport. It was for financial reasons that I stopped competing back in 1999. Later on my two daughters were born and I was working very hard to provide a good living for my family. I returned to bodybuilding in 2013, and by this time I was able to provide a living and train in a way that my family wouldn’t lack in anything.

What results would make you satisfied at the Mr. Olympia Europe competition?

There will be strong competition, so for me to be able to stand on the stage is already an honour. It is not the medals that I am focussing on, but to give my best performance.

What kind of competitions do you participate in and how do you prepare for them?

These are qualifiers where I can get the right to participate at Mr. Olympia.

Since this competition is to bodybuilding what Formula 1 is to car racing, it does require high precision.

How do you prepare in the Fall season?

I start the preparation in March. It means training with weights six times a week.

This is the time when I start paying attention to my diet. I eat every three hours, it is mostly chicken breast with rice and vegetables. I never count quantities, it is my “gut” feeling that I rely on. As the competition approaches, I modify the training to include sets and trisets. And six weeks before the competition, I also start the cardio training. I compile a diet without counting anything, I fully rely on my instincts.

What dietary supplements do you take during preparation time?

I love supplements! Before and after workout I take Iso Whey Zero, mixed with Hyper Mass. The morning starts with an Iso Whey Zero Caffe Latte, and my day finishes with a Casein Fusion shake. For vitamin and mineral replacement I take Daily Pack, and during training I use Glutanator and BCAA.

How does your diet change from the beginning of the preparation until the day of the competition?

In the first 4 months I eat a lot, and I do it very often. Of course, I pay attention that it would be good quality food. In the last four months I start reducing the carbohydrate intake, and I pay full attention that it would be quality nutrition for my body. It is in the last six weeks that my diet becomes very strict. But even then, I do not calculate calories or quantities. My diet is based on “gut” feelings. The most common meals I eat include chicken breast, rice, brown rice, egg whites, vegetables and oatmeal.


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