If you want to grow muscle mass or even if you want to reduce body fat, the consumption of whey protein hydrolysate after training is the best solution.


Protein is an essential building block in our bodies. It is a source of nutrition consisting of amino acids produced by the body or taken in from external sources that you have to consume daily in order to sustain yourself. It helps to retain your muscles during workout, dieting or everyday life. Your need for protein increases if you regularly do sports, or if you want to grow muscle mass or when you start ageing.

The hydrolysate formula is the fastest absorbing protein source among whey proteins. It has the highest biological value, which means that the body utilises it at the best proportion. It is made of whey hydrolysate concentrate or isolate, which is broken down to smaller units, therefore, your body must process shorter peptide chains. This is why it can be absorbed much faster.

If you were to announce the absolute champion in the protein powder category, the prize obviously would go to… Hydro Whey Zero, which is pure as snow and fast as lightning!

Hydro Whey Zero is a hydrolysed whey protein isolate with a 92% protein content. Thanks to hydrolysation it recharges your muscles with the speed of light. It basically provides an instant amino acid refill. It’s lactose and gluten-free, with no added sugar. Hydro Whey Zero has a very low carbohydrate and fat content, and it doesn’t retain any water, which makes it a good choice during preparation or even a competition. The added amino acid contributes to faster recovery and it reduces muscle soreness.

It is the purest protein powder for the most determined people – to achieve the best results.

The added L-arginine content of Hydro Whey Zero helps nutrients reach the muscles and the excretion of body waste generated during workout, by making regeneration even more effective.

Pick your favourite flavour: chocolate-hazelnut, vanilla-cinnamon, strawberry-banana or tropical fruits.


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