Biliana is one step closer in her PRO Card mission!

Biliana shares a couple of thoughts after her victory at the Olympia in Las Vegas

You have received many titles and trophies by now, what does this one mean to you?

I have put a lot of hard work until I get to that level that I bring to competition so, any time I receive a title or trophy I feel like I am on the right way and the judges appreciate my hard work, which makes me truly happy.

Why have you decided to go to compete at the Olympia?

I competed at the fitness contest "Olympia Flex model search", which is a part of the Olympia weekend in Vegas! This was an amazing chance for me to be closer to the Olympia... and to take one more step and get closer to the PRO card.

How did you prepare for the competition? How as your training routine?

I have worked out for almost 3 months, twice a day, and my diet was really super strict! It's hard to take care of my family, work, work outs and to be on a strict diet while I prepare for competition.

What flow do you follow when it comes to diet and nutrition when you are preparing for such competition?

Since food plays the most important role in my preparation for competitions, they are basically 70% of my preparation, my diet plan is a very good combination of whole foods rich in proteins, carbs and fats, and supplements of BioTechUSA such as: Vitamins, BCAAs, L-Carnitine, etc.

What are your next steps?

My next competition is the National champions in Sofia (Bulgaria) and after that the Balkan & World champions in 2017. Also, I plan it to compete at the Arnold Classic Ohio, which is a huge Fitness competition.


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