Taeo Robinson: One of my biggest achievements will be competing at the Arnold Classic.

"I had a vision about being a part of competition when I first started competing ages ago!"

Is it hard task for you to start again preparation after holidays?

I don’t find it a hard task to start again with preparation after the holidays, I eat fairly clean all year round with one or two cheat meals per week. I discipline myself to enjoy naughty foods throughout the year without having to do major workouts to get my condition really tight again.

What do you think your biggest achievement beyond a trophy from Arnold Classic?

One of my biggest achievements will be competing at the Arnold Classic; I had a vision about being a part of competition when I first started competing ages ago! It’s a blessing to have the opportunity to compete against some of the best in Europe. I’m the kind of guy that would get excited just before I step on the stage or when walking off the plane and say “Am I really actually doing the damn thing”… you know that point of self realisation.

Did you cheat more in the summer?

Believe it or not I don’t cheat more in the Summer! All year around my food is consistent with one or two weekly cheat meals. I take a leaf out of the golden era and eat as and when I please with a few exceptions.

Please tell us something about your upcoming competitions and preparation.

I aim to bring a better package to my competitions this year, I was thinking of maybe competing at the same shows I won last year East of England Championships and Sugars Classic Championships.

I will keep my preparation the same as I understand how my body works and aim to keep it simple when it comes to competition prep.

How does your preparation look like for this autumn season?

Preparation will consist of eating the same food, not changing any calorie intake, reducing any sauces and one or maybe two sessions of cardio per week. I tend to still have a cheat meal a week depending how my condition is looking each week. My metabolism is very quick so this helps me when prepping for a competition however I do have to be mindful to make sure I get enough intake in daily.

Do you use different supplements for Arnold Classic than usually?

Believe it or not I am not using different supplements for Arnold Classic, I use BioTechUSA Vitamin C,  L-Carnitine, Green tea focus and Thermo Drine Pro on alternating days. I always use BiotechUSA Iso Whey Zero, BCAAs and Glutamine to make sure that I dont lose any muscle during this competition phase.

How does your diet change from the day you start preparation to the competition day?

My food plan would change or be tweaked by removing any sauces, dressings and processed foods.

It really doesn’t change as drastically as some athletes, for example athletes who may cut out seasoning, cut out salt and have the same meal everyday.


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