Why is sugar bad for you?

Stop eating sugar it can cause high blood pressure and kills your immune system!


There are two types of sugar: the simple and the complex kind. The breakdown of complex sugars takes longer, which is beneficial to the body. Complex carbohydrates can be found in whole grain or fruit. The breakdown of simple sugars happens very fast and results in a huge calorie bomb. Refined, processed sugar is found in sweets, confectionery and bakery products and the majority of food as well, which poses a considerable health concern.

A large quantity of simple sugar causes damage to the immune system. Research shows that the consumption of large quantities of sugar blocks the proper functioning of the immune system and hinders white blood cells in their fights against bacteria.

Concentration problems: Following a rapid rise in blood sugar levels the energy push ceases very fast. When the next drop in the blood sugar level comes, it causes behavioural problems and concentration deficit, therefore it is particularly important to pay attention to sugar intake especially in childhood.

Blood pressure: Similarly to excessive salt consumption, the intake of large quantities of sugar leads to high blood pressure. Sugar reduces the amount of nitric oxide in the blood stream that regulates the expansion of blood vessels. In the absence of the nitric oxide the blood vessels constrict, therefore the blood pressure increases.

Liver diseases: the intake of large amounts of sugar leads to a fatty liver. Sugar causes an insulin rush, and consequently the fat generated from sugar is deposited in the liver, resulting in inflammation and other diseases.

Dental problems: when mixed with saliva, sugar creates an acid that destroys tooth enamel, so the pathogens in the mouth can reach the deeper layers of the tooth more easily and they can cause further damages there.

Diabetes: The consumption of large amounts of sugar is the highway to diabetes. The insulin producing capacity of the pancreas is required for sugar to be channelled into the cells. This capacity can reduce over time or the sugar dismantling capacity of insulin deteriorates if there is a constantly high intake of sugar. High levels of blood sugar are like poison to the body, they damage the wall of the blood vessels. Sugar channelled into the cells increase the fat in your body.


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