What is long lasting protein?

How you can use casein effectively.

Many of you by now would have heard of the term ‘long lasting proteins’ but you may not know exactly what that entails and how it affects your body during your training.

Longer lasting protein can be a good way for you to gain some extra nourishment and prolonged feeding times for your worked muscle groups throughout the day and even at night whilst at rest.

The most commonly discussed longer lasting protein which can help especially at night and the one we will discuss today is Casein. Casein is a protein that is derived from the calcium rich milk and cheese food group. It is also found in processed foods and other dairy based foods that have a high quantity of it present too.

So I hear you asking why you need to have casein in your own diets? The benefits of casein are many and it can add some much needed positive variance to your training and diet needs. Along with other quality proteins such as soya and whey, casein has the unique ability to provide a constant slow stream of amino acids that could last for hours. This constant flow of aminos to your blood stream will help your muscles that you've broken down during training to get a high quality influx of the typical building blocks of protein (Aminos) and help the repair of your muscles.

It is widely demonstrated that taking a diet combination of whey and casein protein can yield greater and leaner results than that of trainers who took just another supplement with separate amino acids for their diet intake. These studies suggest that casein can help towards bigger, more functional and leaner muscles at a quicker rate than without taking it as a supplement.

Another study confirmed that by taking your casein intake to a higher level also increased your chances to have a higher metabolic rate whilst sleeping and in the day overall. This means that your body is in a state of constant work and feeding the key areas even when you are resting overnight. It also helps to make you feel fuller for longer meaning that you will be less eager to fill your face at night before bed and avoiding your urge for potentially unwanted extra calories.

Alongside all this as a benefit for your own training goals the taking on of casein as a supplement in your diet can also be good for your dental health. The fact that most dairy foods are found to have high levels of casein means that when you're upping your dairy intake the calcium value will also increase leading to greater protection for your teeth enamel and your overall dental health wellbeing.

With all this being said it is pretty obvious that including casein in your own diet can be a massive help to your own training goals and provide you with an extra boost toward your goals and targets. The fact that it is easily taken in many supplements form and within milk and cheese makes it a very attainable goal to up your dosage on a daily basis. The main benefit of it helping your body overnight with its constant stream of amino acids and feeding your muscles over a prolonged period can be almost too good to miss out on. So invest in your dietary needs and your training goals and increase your strength with some added casein and find out what all the fuss is about!


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