Summer fitness round up

We round up our fitness tips for your summer body blitz

Over the last few weeks we’ve looked into how best of make use of your summer months and how to train effectively during these. Hopefully they have helped you to stay on top of your training or even begin to push into a new phase altogether.

So what happens now that the warm summer months are still continuing (for now) and your training goals continue to follow alongside your lifestyle choices and commitments? Some people can feel the heat as a trigger to maybe drop off their training goals and targets but with the following tips we can aim to keep ourselves on the right track both physically and it can be a good reminder for your training down the line.

Let’s remind ourselves of the best tips for the remaining summer heat and the months ahead.

Use your body weight

With the intense heat over summer it can be hard to remain on your weightlifting goals as the heat and the pressure increases drastically. Using your own bodyweight can be a good way to avoid overheating in the gym whilst still keeping your body working hard and getting your body in condition with functional strength.

Pick up your pace

With the heat becoming unbearable during the summer it can be hard to resist training as you normally would but you could potentially do more damage than good if you were to become overheated and out of breath or dizzy. Shorten your sessions and aim for a higher intensity in a shorter time frame to keep you burning those calories and creating those gains despite the smaller training time.

Invest in some plastic

Using a reusable plastic water container is sometimes not the first thing on people’s lists when thinking of their training needs but it is essential to keep your body hydrated and cool when the heat is high. Using old plastic bottles can be good for a couple of days but to cut down on the nasty taste of day old juice or water just invest in a gallon water holder from any supplier so you’re not constantly filling up during the day and you know you don't have to throw it away after a couple of days use.

Training partners rule!

Accountability is sometimes the biggest motivational tool you'll need. Letting somebody down as a training partner is a sure fire way to make you feel bad and having them alongside you to train with and motivate each other is a great way to remain focussed and have the ability to keep determined to beat each other on a daily basis.

Pre pack

Packing a bag for your gym sessions the day before can be a great way to keep yourself reminded not to miss your training goals. This way you hold yourself accountable for not using your pre packed bag and wasting your own time with packing it.

Book hotels wisely

With many of you booking summer holidays in the warmer months why not combine the amenities available with your own needs and goals? When booking a hotel to stop in for a trip away make sure you can stop at a hotel where the gym facilities will be used during your stay. Having this at your disposal is a great way to continue your training goals and keep your progression going even whilst sunning yourself and having a break.

With these tips to keep handy you should hopefully enjoy a great warm summer and you should be smashing your targets and goals on a weekly basis! Remember to always have fun with your training and try to better your efforts each day in order to really get the best out of yourself.


Enjoy the sun!

Stay hydrated!

Welcome friends!

Go and ‘Do The Damn Thing!’


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