BioTechUSA’s biggest appearance in Arnold Classic so far!

If you’ve liked BioTechUSA in the previous editions of the Arnold Classic Europe, wait until you see what we are bringing this year.


The Arnold Classic Europe EXPO accommodates the leading companies in the fitness industry including nutrition and sportswear companies, training equipment, healthy food, beauty, sports supplements, gym accessories, sports academies, and so on.

As one of the leading companies in the industry, BioTechUSA continues to attend with an impressive stand and some more surprises for our visitors, come visit us if you would like to enjoy:


  • Free tasting of our Chocolate Pancake, the most recent addtion to our star line of functional food with high protein content and no added sugar, PROTEIN GUSTO.
  • Free samples of our premium whey protein, ISO WHEY ZERO.
  • Free tasting of our GO Protein Bar.
  • A biceps challenge, awarding a bag of BioTechUSA goodies to our participants!


But on top of all, an amazing stage show with the BioTechUSA athletes featuring:

And many more athletes who will be either waiting for you in our booth or on the stage competing to the take home the big trophy of the year!

Other athletes you can meet in our booth:

Abel Souza (ESP), Ania Malys (ESP), Raquel Cantón (ESP), Soraya Álvarez (ESP), Alexis González (ESP), Miguel Ángel Angulo (ESP).

Athletes that will be competing:

Bruno de Cunha (POR), Elsa Pena (POR), Abel Souza (ESP), Taeo Robinson (GBR), Connie Orange (HOL), Dániel Dengi (HUN), Eva Saischegg (AUT), Cedric Deraco (FRA), Alexandra Kocsis (HUN), Viktoria Sima (HUN), Xenia Sheveleva (RUS), Thiery Bayala (FRA).

Let's rock the house!


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