Statement of BioTechUSA legal department


Dear Consumers and Partners,

Budapest, 9th of August, 2016


Matthias Clemens, the limited partner of Zec+ Nutrition GmbH & Co. KG (registered office: Kahrener Straße 22, 54439 Saarburg, Germany) that manufactures food supplements under the trade mark Zec+ Nutrition has published malicious and untrue messages on the quality and composition of our products on social media. Such defamatory statements are capable of undermining the consumers’ trust in the products of BioTech USA Kft. and destroying the good reputation and image of our company in the market.

The abovementioned statements made by Matthias Clemens under the profile name “Matthias Clemens Zec+” are capable of establishing the violation of certain competition laws of the European Union as well as of the right to good reputation set out in the national law.

Good reputation of legal entities has an effect on the role that they play in business and economic life.

In view of all this our company decided to take the case to court; and on 8th of August 2016 we submitted statement of claim against Zec+ Nutrition GmbH & Co. KG to Tribunal of Budapest Region to establishment of the violation of the right to protect good reputation and personal rights and its legal consequences. The case was registered in the proceedings under the following nr. : P.21.343/2016.

We do not intend to issue any statement either on the social media or on any online or offline platform in regards with the case until the final judgement of the case.

Rumours of untrue representations on the quality and composition of the products of BioTech USA Kft. obviously violate our company’s right to protect its business integrity to an extremely grievous extent, which we cannot disregard by waiving the right to enforce legal consequences in view of either our consumers’ trust or our economic interest. Therefore, BioTech USA Kft. is determined to consistently take action against such and similar grievances.

BioTech USA Kft. Legal Department

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