Days out for the fitness fanatic

The best days to enjoy whilst keeping your fitness goals on track

When planning your summer vacations and some valuable time off from the heavy sets and the sauna sessions in the gym it is important to keep one eye on your goals.

Many people when planning trips and days out take their eye of the ball completely and really let off some steam without much thought for the consequences when they hit the gym and the iron again once they are back.

“So what do I do?” I hear you cry. Enjoying your vacation time and remaining in shape and on track for your goals cam be accomplished with the right activities. Here we'll take a look at the best ideas for days out where you can enjoy yourself whilst also knowing you're not letting your body or fitness goals down.


Maybe not everyone's first choice for a day out but this is the one of the most adrenaline fuelled things you could take part in without being in a gym. The rush of the water and the thrill of the speed should keep your body working hard at controlling the adrenaline which will burn calories and keep you focussed. The physical exertion of battling the waves and staying upright is a fantastic shoulder and arm workout and you should feel the burn pretty early into your session.


A little bit of a less strenuous effort than being thrown around in a rapid of water, hiking can burn some serious calories and can really help your to get a great leg and glute burn depending on your route you take. The harder the trail you decide to take the more your body is going to work and you'll definitely enjoy the end result of the scenery and the photo opportunities. Add a pack of around 10kg into the mix and you have an almost full body workout over a sustained period which you maybe won't feel immediately but your legs will let you know the morning after!


This might seem a strange one to some people but the cardio benefits of trampolining for a period of time are immense. For around 15 minutes of jumping you can burn up to 50 calories which is only ever a good thing. So think of a full 30 or 45 minute session and you have a great cardio exercise that will keep you burning those extra calories and have you feeling like a big kid all over again! This one is seriously fun folks!


Weather and beach access permitting this is a great exercise for the fitness fan. The constant motion of getting yourself up on the board and the whole body use of your own weight will add muscle to the shoulders, arms and stregthen the core. Add the power of the water and you battling against it almost constantly and you have a real hardcore exercise you can do whilst enjoying the sun, fighting the sea and the giving the fun show once you master it all.

Whatever you are doing the keys will always be the same. As long as you are active and keeping your body working hard either over a prolonged time or a short burst you should be doing something right. Alongside this the fuelling of your body should always remain the same and you should aim to keep up your calorie counting and the refuelling of your muscles with the appropriate foods like fats, carbohydrates and proteins. As ever remaining hydrated throughout the day is an essential part of your fun regime!

The key here is to enjoy yourself whilst knowing that you're keeping your fitness goals going and keeping your body working fairly hard. So why not get out there this summer and try some of these days out with your friends and remember to enjoy yourself as you've most likely earned it over the previous month's and weeks. Go and enjoy yourself folks!


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