Late Night Summer Snacking

What can you eat during the longer summer hours that won’t hurt your weight goals?

Your metabolism is a wonderful thing and it never takes a pit stop when working for your body, even during the small hours of your sleep. So what is the best way to give your metabolism the tools to build you a new and improved body?

Many inexperienced dieters and fitness fans make the mistake that anything that is consumed just before bed or in the late hours is automatically a bad choice or will be detrimental to your dieting goals and keeping your body in the best shape possible.

This is wrong! Because your metabolism never really stops working for you it is not a bad thing to keep it working overnight with a healthy and well thought out snack. Now we’re not talking bags of crisps or bars of chocolate but cleverly predetermined snacks full of nutrition and proteins.

Avoiding eating hours before bed can only leave you feeling weak, with no energy and obviously hungry. Choosing the best types of foods to snack on before bed can increase energy levels, keep hunger low, promote stable blood glucose levels and fuel muscles.

The following summer snacks can help to increase muscle production and aid fat loss whist also being empty of food sins meaning you can sleep soundly in the knowledge you’re eating right!

Casein protein shake

This might seem obvious for the experienced dieter but the high protein count in the powder as well as the prolonged release status of casein mean your body will be refuelling for the full time you are asleep. To switch it up a little why not add some coconut oil as many powders are low in fat. By adding this oil you are creating a shake that helps towards a healthier heart and repairs muscles with great effect.

Yoghurt and seeds

This is a great way to get a low fat and high protein hit before bed. The addition of seeds like pumpkin or flax can increase the fibre and omega fat content which will aid digestion and keep hunger at bay. There is a huge calcium content also from the yoghurt which will aid bones and teeth production and maintenance.

Cottage cheese

This is a fitness fan favourite when getting that hunger feeling late at night. The low fat content and high protein and calcium values make this snack a great way to gain some valuable nutrition before bed. The high amount of casein means your body will be influxed with amino acids which help to repair muscles over the longer summer nights. To mix it up why not add some peanut butter in a small amount to change the flavour and add even more protein to this late night snack. Doing this is a good way to eat it but just make sure the portions are low to avoid adding too many calories!

Canned fish and oils

Tinned tuna and salmon can sometimes be seen as boring and tasteless but there ways to spice them up and add key nutrition for them. Any fish canned in water is virtually fat free and is high in protein but why not add some olive oil for some healthy fats and also some steamed summer veg like broccoli or a bed of spinach for an added iron hit.

Whether you’re pre planning your late night snacks or just making them last minute you can always ensure you have a high in protein and easily digestible summer snack to eat. Throw in some protein powders to boost your intake of amino acids and repair muscles more efficiently. Add some fresh fruit and vegetables to keep your iron and vitamin levels high without adding preservatives or false sugars.

Mix it up and let your creations run free when it comes to snacking at night during the summer. They’re meant to be fun and add to your diet in more than one way so make sure you enjoy the process of creating them but more importantly the process of eating them!

Whatever you eat, however you make it, eat well and enjoy knowing you’re treating your body right!


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