I learned mostly by myself

Interview with Stephanie Davis

When did you start working out and why?

I’ve have been in sports my whole life; there is horseback riding, gymnastics, athletics... And since 4 years ago I go to the gym 5 to 6 times a week. I was very focused back then and still am now, and I remember falling in love with the results. I motivate myself every day and look at other fitness pics, pages or quotes. Even as a child I couldn’t sit still and I as always and everywhere I had to test out my physical limits. Whether this was always so good, I do not know haha. There was an upcoming fitness competition which caught my attention as this was something I had always wanted to do, so I decided to enter it and I ended up placing first!

Did you have a mentor, role model in the first days or did you just learn everything on your own?

I've learned mostly by myself. I have read many books, but I also saw a lot on the Internet about dieting. At the beginning I always asked the big bodybuilders how to do this or that. I studied nutrition science for and that helped me a lot durig my diet. You understand things better with time.

What was your motivation to step on the stage and start competing?

I am really motivated by other fitness models in the industry. All that they have achieved is very inspiring and I hope one day I'll reach that level too. The other thing that helps me to stay motivated and driven is my positive mindset. It has really helped me to achieve my goals much faster by keeping me more focused.

What are your best results you’re most proud of?

What am I most proud of? That’s easy: That I can inspire other people including young girls who are trying to incorporate fitness to their lifestyle. This makes me very proud and motivates me even more. I try to help them as best as I can.

How do you consider yourself? A fitness model? A competitor?

At first when I was 16 I started with photoshoots. Just simple one for myself, not for companies or agencies. Then it turned into professional, I started to work with companies and huge model agencies. When I started to do fitness, it turned from beauty and fashion shoots to fitness shoots for magazines and webpages. I won my first competition when I was 21 and from then on I call myself a fitness model, as I also compete on stage. I think that’s an awesome combination, because you can share your progress in the best way to the people.

What does your average day look like?

I wake up at 7 in the morning and the first thing what I do is to take my mobile phone and check all my social media platforms and also my mail. Then I do the usual things that everybody does in the morning: Go to the shower, eat breakfast and make myself ready for the day. Then I go to the university to do something for my brain and take a lunch. After this I go to the gym for about 1-2 hours. But it really depends, not every day looks the same. In reality I have not so much time for my personal things, because I’m always traveling and collaborating with companies worldwide. The nights always look the same: Every evening I read books before I go to sleep. That’s meditation for me to calm down and relax.

Do you have a special shredding diet or do you stay in shape whole year?

Honestly, when I’m on a diet, I don’t eat „cheatmeals“. The mean reason is that my body feels simply better. I have realized that I don’t need these things. But when I’m off-season, I do eat almost everything. That means I’m not shredded the whole year (sadly, but I wish haha) I think I’m like the middle way, I’m not totally off, but also not very shredded. That’s simple to explain, I have many videoshoots, photoshoots, openings, events and so on to do and I have to look in a „good shape“ – whatever that means for anyone.

What are your favorite supplements in bulking and shredding?

In my bulking time, I don’t use many supplements only multivitamins for my skincare and sometimes whey with carbs (but only when I can’t get anything to eat or when I don’t have time). For shredding I like to use booster, BCAAs, glutamine and aminos. Oh I forget, I also like to eat protein bars in my bulking time.

Do you have a specific workout method? What type of exercises and cardio do you prefer?

I’m a little running chick. I love to run in the fresh air. But in the wintertime I’m often on a Cross-stepper, it works best to tighten and build my glutes. You should not train only one type of style, there should be a healthy mix of strength and endurance. Also stairs are very helpful, they’re everywhere and you haven’t got to go to a gym. Gets the circulation going and also tightens your glutes and thighs.

What does fitness mean to you?

Fitness is my life I have to say. That’s a message that everybody replies to this question, but that’s the truth in my opinion. You are so much healthier when you watch the food you eat and when you workout and do something for your body. Not just only for „fitness junkies”, that should be clear for everyone. It’s for a healthier life and for a healthier body, where you have to live in. You can meet new people, new countries, new cultures and the best thing is, you know your body much better.

What is your message to the followers of BioTechUSA?

Find out your goal, find out your motivation, stay focused and have FUN!

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